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February 23, 2016

This is a non-profit charity that trains service dogs for our military vets. Your 99 cents can help us purchase a service dog for a vet. We need your help and support.

Those of you who love to support our military vets who have sacrificed so much for all of us, can use your help.

Just 99 cents and you not only are adding to the amount to buy a service dog for a vet, but you also get three great ebooks by three wonderful story tellers: Lindsay McKenna, Chris Keniston and Susan Stoker.


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Support our vets. We three authors have given our own money to put this book, SAVED BY A SEAL, together. We receive NOTHING monetarily from it. All proceeds go to

Nowadays? .99 cents doesn’t seem to go very far. But you know what? It can help buy a service dog for a man or woman who desperately needs that wonderful animal in their life to help them make their life a little easier.

Check out HEA/USA Today blog 2.23.16

It has an excerpt from all three books by the above authors!

PLEASE SHARE this and ask your friends and family to donate .99 cents to an important cause: caring for our military vets.

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USA TODAY/HEA interviews on DOWN RANGE by Lindsay McKenna

November 26, 2013

USA Today HEA blog with Down Range

Today, 11.26.2013, DOWN RANGE, HQN, by Lindsay McKenna becomes available in paperback and ebook!

Check out

This is a group of SKYPE video interviews with myself and Chief Michael Jaco, US Navy SEAL, retired about my book and Virna de Paul, USA Today interviewer and author. Chief Jaco vetted my book for technical accuracy as well as wrote a Forward to it (Dear Reader letter) and gave it a back cover quote. High praise from a SEAL.

DOWN RANGE final cover 1213_9780373778218_lr

Come to my website for even more information on this ground breaking book from my new SHADOW WARRIORS series with HQN.

Check out Chief Jaco’s book, THE INTUITIVE WARRIOR at his website,

The Intuitive Warrior by Michael Jaco

Please share these amazing interviews with a romance author and a Navy SEAL, retired about DOWN RANGE. I think you’ll be riveted! But you let me know 🙂

Lindsay McKenna