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Lindsay McKenna interview “Authors on the Air” 6.6.2014 8pm EDT Join me!

May 21, 2014

Hi Everyone
This radio show that I’ll be on has FOUR MILLION listeners in 44 COUNTRIES.  So, this is no little interview program.  I hope you can drop in and listen to Pam interview me on BREAKING POINT and NO SURRENDER.  This will take place June 6, 2014, 8 p.m., EDT.

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There will be a podcast available.  You can download it, listen to it ad share it with others!
JOIN ME 6.6 for my interview on Authors on the Air with Pam Stack. 8 pm EDT.  Free book giveaways!
From her website:

Authors on the Air host Pam Stack is honored to welcome to the show, award-winning author Lindsay McKenna who recently took home 2 awards from RT/NOLA.  Lindsay is a pioneer in military romance and suspense and she has published over 115 books. She’s been a busy author… her books have been translated in 22 languages and have sold over 23 million copies. Lindsay served in the Navy and was a pilot and a volunteer firef ighter. Her newest releases are Breaking Point and Never Surrender.  Lindsay is anxious to hear from her friends and readers so call in to say hello at 347-633-9609 and she will give away 5 autographed copies of  Breaking Point. “My heritage comes from Eastern Cherokee blood, where stories were the backbone of our nation.  I love to tell stories because they can heal us, soothe us, entertain us, decelerate our stressful lives and allow our own imagination to take flight.  Without stories, we have no way to  dream and hope.  I write romance novels because I know, without a doubt, that love is greatest healing, positive and healthy emotion that we possess as human beings”.  To read more about this fascinating author, drop by her web page at

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USA TODAY/HEA interviews on DOWN RANGE by Lindsay McKenna

November 26, 2013

USA Today HEA blog with Down Range

Today, 11.26.2013, DOWN RANGE, HQN, by Lindsay McKenna becomes available in paperback and ebook!

Check out

This is a group of SKYPE video interviews with myself and Chief Michael Jaco, US Navy SEAL, retired about my book and Virna de Paul, USA Today interviewer and author. Chief Jaco vetted my book for technical accuracy as well as wrote a Forward to it (Dear Reader letter) and gave it a back cover quote. High praise from a SEAL.

DOWN RANGE final cover 1213_9780373778218_lr

Come to my website for even more information on this ground breaking book from my new SHADOW WARRIORS series with HQN.

Check out Chief Jaco’s book, THE INTUITIVE WARRIOR at his website,

The Intuitive Warrior by Michael Jaco

Please share these amazing interviews with a romance author and a Navy SEAL, retired about DOWN RANGE. I think you’ll be riveted! But you let me know 🙂

Lindsay McKenna

DOWN RANGE interview with Lindsay McKenna and Chief Michael Jaco, US Navy SEAL, retired, part 1 and part 2 Two youtube videos

November 4, 2013



DOWN RANGE interview with Lindsay McKenna and Chief Michael Jaco, US Navy SEAL, retired, part 1 and part 2
Two youtube videos

There’s never been a SEAL step out to read a romance book, much less pen the Forward to it and put a quote on the back cover of it. interviewed us and today, you will get to see both youtube videos, part 1 and part 2.   This is a first.  

Chief Jaco can be found at  It was his book, THE INTUITIVE WARRIOR, that put me on a path of trying to find him and ask him for his technical expertise on DOWN RANGE.  I had 66 unclassified technical questions for him.  Thanks to his intrepid wife, Tracy jo jaco, who contacted me by phone and we talked and she made this meeting happen a year after I’d contacted him by email.  



These two videos are worth watching and sharing.  



HIGH COUNTRY REBEL by Lindsay McKenna on August 25, 2013!

August 2, 2013
High Country Rebel, HQN, by Lindsay McKenna

High Country Rebel, HQN, by Lindsay McKenna

Dear Reader:

Publishing date: 8.25.2013

Video book trailer:–8eYGJh9dQ


To Purchase:

Ex-Navy SEAL Talon Holt, knows all about heart rending loss. He lost his rancher father at age eleven. When his mother, Sandy Holt remarries, his foster father, Bradley, becomes a powerful and positive, loving father figure as he grows up on their family owned Triple H Ranch near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Talon leaves and joins the US Navy, becoming a vaunted SEAL. While he’s away, his foster father dies of a heart attack, leaving his mother, Sandy Holt, to run the large ranch by herself. Later, she contracts breast cancer and is forced to sell their ranch to pay her escalating medical bills. Through it all, Talon tries to be there for her, but is on deployment in Afghanistan, unable to support her as much as he wants. He sends most of his monthly pay check home to her, saving none for himself.

At twenty-eight years old, Talon is wounded and so is his combat assault dog, Zeke, on a deadly mission in Afghanistan. Both are discharged from the military, the nature of their wounds never allowing them to remain in the SEALs. Talon gets words when he’s recovering in the hospital, that his mother’s breast cancer has returned. She is nearly penniless and he must get home to be there for her; to help her. He must find a job to help earn money to pay her mounting medical bills. Yet, he’s gotten PTSD from an incident, that he can’t stand to be enclosed places like a plane, bus or train. Further, he’s been given Zeke, a Belgium Malinois, who can never do his job again because of his own war wounds. The two walk from San Diego, California to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Talon is stubbornly committed to getting home even though he’s weakened and has very little money on him. His loyal dog, Zeke, is always at his side.

Cat Edwin, paramedic and firefighter for the Jackson Hole Fire Department, driving to the Bar H during a late May snowstorm. She works there a part-time wrangler for Gus Hunter, who owns it. Griff and Val McPherson run the ranch for the eighty-four year old elder. Val is her granddaughter. What Cat doesn’t expect to find on the blizzard like conditions a mile away from the ranch, on the snow covered highway, is a man with a dog on a leash.

Little does she realize as she stops to rescue them from the blizzard, that this one compassionate act on her part will begin to change her life. She is good friends with Sandy Holt, and has never met her son, who is returning home from the military to be with his struggling mother. Gus Hunter is happy to see Talon home, offering him help from the blizzard. Zeke, his dog, is another thing all together, but the Hunter family adjusts to having an ex-SEAL combat attack dog among them. Cat is powerfully drawn to Talon, and yet, fights it. She’s got problem with an ended relationship she walked away from a year ago, but the man is now stalking her.

With help from the Hunters, Talon gets back on his feet to become a wrangler working to make money to help, once more, pay for his mother’s medical bills. He’s glad to be home to be with her, their relationship always strong and loving. What he doesn’t expect, however, is to find love for himself with Cat Edwin. The struggles, challenges and the heartbreak of coming home could weaken a lesser man, but Talon calls on his years as a SEAL. What he doesn’t realize is that Cat’s stalker is lethal. And that more than his strength and hard work as a SEAL are going to be called upon to protect her. When Cat is surrounded by danger, all Talon can think is that, once again, he will lose someone he loves. And that just can’t happen again…

If you have been reading my Wyoming Series, you will see returning people such as Gus, Val’s grandmother, Val and Griff McPherson and Cat Edwin.

For those who have been following my Wyoming Series:

Shadow from the Past, HQN, December 2009, Kamaria Trayhern’s book. Morgan’s Mercenaries Saga. End of Morgan and Laura Trayhern children’s books. Now, on to Alyssa and Noah Trayhern’s children’s stories. MM
Deadly Identity, HQN, December 2010, Lindsay McKenna.  Beginning of Jackson Hole, Wyoming ongoing series in HQN.  Book #2.  Deputy Sheriff Cade Garner and Rachel Carson’s story.
Deadly Silence, HQN, Jackson Hole, Wyoming saga-series in HQN.  Book #3. July, 2011.  Casey Cantrell’s story.  Morgan’s Mercenaries Saga.  (Casey is a twin, youngest of the Alyssa and Clay Cantrell family)
The Last Cowboy, HQN,  Jackson Hole, Wyoming saga-series in HQN.  Jackson Hole, Wyoming saga-series, Slade McPherson story. Book #4. December, 2011.
The Wrangler, HQN, Jackson Hole, Wyoming saga-series in HQN. Jackson Hole, Griff McPherson story, (Slade and Griff are fraternal twins) Wyoming saga series, Book #5 July, 2012.
The Defender, HQN,  Jackson Hole, Wyoming saga-series in HQN.  Jackson Hole, Wyoming saga-series, Book #6. November 2012.
The Loner, HQN, Jackson Hole, Wyoming saga-series, Dakota Carson and Shelby Kincaid, Book #7, August 2013
High Country Rebel, HQN, Jackson Hole, Wyoming saga-series, Talon Holt and Cat Edwin, Book #8, September 2013

I hope you enjoy this story about a returning military veteran! To stay up with my latest books, run over to!

SHADOW WARRIORS series is coming!

March 22, 2013

Lindsay McKenna has created a thrilling, visceral, gritty military romantic suspense new series, Shadow Warriors. Coming in September 2013 and on.

TOUGH ENOUGH, HQN, has reprint of THE COUGAR by Lindsay McKenna

April 3, 2012

To buy:

3 novels

This is a retro group of books by wonderful authors.  THE COWBOY is by Jane Ann Krentz.  THE COUGAR is by Lindsay McKenna.  And Murder at Last Chance Ranch by B.J. Daniels rounds out this three book reprint.

For Lindsay McKenna readers, if you haven’t read THE COUGAR, it is part of a trilogy, Cowboys of the Southwest.

Back of the Book
In these timeless romances from bestselling authors Jayne Ann Krentz, Lindsay McKenna and B.J. Daniels, three women will discover that the West has never been so wild…

The Cowboy

After their disastrous parting, Margaret Lark thought she was through with Rafe Cassidy. So when he shows up on her doorstep a year later with a shocking proposal, Margaret has no choice but to put her heart on the line again—even if it means winning back the cowboy who stole it in the first place.

The Cougar

Jim Cunningham’s Arizona ranching family has been feuding with Rachel Donovan’s for over a century—but forbidden fruit always tastes the sweetest to this handsome cowboy. Jim wants desperately to mend the rift between the families—and to find out if Rachel is the woman he has always wanted.

Murder at Last Chance Ranch

Teddi MacLane’s no-account, soon-to-be-ex-husband has just turned up dead—in Teddi’s house, just days after she threatened to kill him. Now Teddi needs the help of her high school sweetheart, Sheriff Jake Rawlins, to clear her name…and to mend her heart.