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Walking the Land with Me Podcasts

March 17, 2018

Hi Everyone! I’m going to be posting my podcasts on a little known area of my life. Having Eastern Cherokee heritage through my father’s side of the family, I was raised in the ‘old ways’ growing up. One of them was connecting and working with the land. In the Native American way of reality, “all our relations,” has a huge and important concept to us. It’s more than a ‘saying.’

Eileen Nauman out walking the land

All of our relations is that we believe all living things are part of a much larger family. Man is not at the pinnacle. Man is merely one thread of the weaving of Life on Mother Earth. And our ‘relations,’ include winged ones, four-legged, the fish, reptiles, the rocks, the rivers, the land itself, bushes, flowers, trees and anything else you can think of. I was taught at a very young age…seven years old, to ‘talk’ with my relatives. They were my other sisters, brothers, cousins, nephews and nieces.

Of course, talking with them was done either verbally or via telepathy. As a 7 year old I didn’t say that was impossible, because it was possible. I could ‘hear’ the tree talking to me, or a pebble I picked up on a dirt road and held in my hand. This growing up for me was a wonderful time because I had lots of parental trees who told me if something was dangerous to me or not, or a stream that warned me not to go into it because it was too deep and the current too powerful for me.

The concept for Walking the Land, and a subsequent book I’ve written on it (and it will be published later this year), entails information on how other people who love Nature, love hiking, love the land or perhaps are rock hounds, would enjoy knowing how to Walk it themselves, because you can.

I started this podcast Walking the Land with 15 minute segments about my experiences and how you can walk the land yourself. I put a new podcast up every Thursday at 7:00 p.m. MST (I live in Arizona and we do NOT have daylight savings time, fyi), on some element of Walking the Land.

If you find this interesting, please start with podcast #1 and proceed in order because I’m building a larger picture and how you can interact with the land and “all our relations,” too.

Jaguar mountain, Santa Rita Mountains, southern Arizona

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PODCAST #1 what is Walking the Land? Part 1

PODCAST #2 What is Walking the Land? Part 2

PODCAST #3 Quartz crystal

PODCAST #4 Tools you’ll need to Walk the Land

PODCAST #5 How to use a pendulum, part 1

PODCAST #6 Grid Lines

PODCAST #7 1Mar2018 What is a vortex?

PODCAST #8 8Mar2018 What is an Androgynous Vortex?

PODCAST #9 How to Contact a Vortex Spirit Guardian or Guide

Fall in the Tetons, Wyoming

RELEASE DAY! TRAPPED by Lindsay McKenna!

July 18, 2017

THREE exclusive excerpts! CONTEST!

Trapped by Lindsay McKenna
Book7, Delos Series
ebook and paperback!

Ali Montero was stuck with a SEAL who hated her on sight. She had a job to do in his team whether he liked it or not. She was trapped.

SPECIAL!! 3 exclusive excerpt from the book from 3 great bloggers!

Harlequin Junkie Blog and exclusive excerpt on Trapped by Lindsay McKenna


Delilah Devlin’s Blog – another exclusive excerpt and opening to the book!


USA Today Happily Ever Blog – a 3rd excerpt!
Exclusive excerpt: ‘Trapped’ by Lindsay McKenna

Aliyana Montero will do anything to rescue her sister from the ruthless kidnappers who took her from outside the school where she works. Even if that means accepting help from Ram Torres, the most infuriating—and sexy—man Ali has ever met. She and Ram first met on a mission in Afghanistan and they clashed instantly. Ram accused her of being hotheaded and impulsive. She thought he was cold and arrogant. Both refused to acknowledge the heat that flared between them. Now, as her sister’s life hangs in the balance, Ali will have to swallow her pride and once again work with the man who has secretly haunted her dreams.

SPECIAL CONTEST: Win a paperback copy of TRAPPED by Lindsay McKenna
Contest open to readers worldwide.
July 17 – July 21, 2017
Winner will be announced on July 22, 2017 on the Lindsay McKenna Facebook page.  If you aren’t subscribed to me on this page, you will NOT miss being the winner because I’ll be emailing you as well! 
Just click on this link, sign up, and a winner will be randomly chosen after the close of the contest! Good luck!!
Welcome to my contest page! I will be hosting giveaways monthly—plus on all the major holidays! Check back often.




July 15, 2017

EXCLUSIVE USA TODAY BLOG, Happily Ever After EXCERPT on TRAPPED by Lindsay McKenna! Don’t miss it!

Exclusive excerpt: ‘Trapped’ by Lindsay McKenna

Memorial Day Remberances by Lindsay McKenna

May 30, 2016

I want to honor my father and mother on Memorial Day. My father, Jack Zimmerman, was a Pharmacists Mate 1st class in the US Navy. He was assigned to Hawaii, to Oahu, the hospital that sits next to Pearl Harbor. My mother worked in civil service at Ford Island, in Pearl Harbor, with the US Navy.
Both my parents were there when Pearl Harbor was hit by the Japanese, December 7, 1941. My father was on duty at the hospital that morning. My mother was asleep in their bed. A Japanese Zero went roaring down the road, strafing her neighborhood. She had a bullet pass just above the headboard of the bed where she was sleep.
Jack Zimmerman and ruth zimmerman my mother and he s my father  1940 2nd class pharmacist s mate usn en

That day, my parents helped all the heroes who were caught off guard by that horrific attack on battleship row, next to Ford Island. If it hadn’t of happened on a Sunday, my mother would have been on Ford Island, in one of the hangars, working as a secretary.

Jack Zimmerman and Ruth 251

I grew up with the story of Pearl Harbor from a very different perspective than most of the Great Generation and Baby Boomer Generation remember. I have the blood of the battle in my DNA. And I never forget what they did that day, the sights, the sounds, the nauseating smells, the diving Japanese fighters like hornets swarming over Pearl Harbor.

It’s no wonder I grew up and at age 18, went into the US Navy to follow in my father’s footsteps. My mother’s brother, Vinton Cramer, served in WW2, US Army, was a paratrooper and dropped in over France to do his duty.

Lindsay McKenna aka eileen nauman US Navy bootcamp photo copy
US Navy boot camp photo of me. I followed in my father’s footsteps and paid my service to my country, as he and so many other of our family, had done in past wars. My war was Vietnam. And it’s no wonder that later on? I became a writer and I created the first military romance, Captive of Fate, 1983, Silhouette Special Edition. I have gone on from that day to the present, writing about our heroic men and women in 185 books, since then. And will continue to do so until it’s my time to cross over. Our military is 1% of our nation. They give the other 99% their freedom. Let’s honor their sacrifices, as well as their family’s sacrifices on this one day of the year. Memorial Day is NOT a holiday. It was created as “Remembrance Day” to honor those who died serving their country.

Let us remember those of our family, both on our mother and father’s side, of the service they gave to our country to keep us all free on this one day out of the entire year.

My mother Ruth Zimmerman (left) and my father, Jack Zimmerman (right), USN.
and me, in the USN as an 18 year old, boot camp photo

2014 in review

December 29, 2014

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,500 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 42 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

USA TODAY/HEA interviews on DOWN RANGE by Lindsay McKenna

November 26, 2013

USA Today HEA blog with Down Range

Today, 11.26.2013, DOWN RANGE, HQN, by Lindsay McKenna becomes available in paperback and ebook!

Check out

This is a group of SKYPE video interviews with myself and Chief Michael Jaco, US Navy SEAL, retired about my book and Virna de Paul, USA Today interviewer and author. Chief Jaco vetted my book for technical accuracy as well as wrote a Forward to it (Dear Reader letter) and gave it a back cover quote. High praise from a SEAL.

DOWN RANGE final cover 1213_9780373778218_lr

Come to my website for even more information on this ground breaking book from my new SHADOW WARRIORS series with HQN.

Check out Chief Jaco’s book, THE INTUITIVE WARRIOR at his website,

The Intuitive Warrior by Michael Jaco

Please share these amazing interviews with a romance author and a Navy SEAL, retired about DOWN RANGE. I think you’ll be riveted! But you let me know 🙂

Lindsay McKenna

DOWN RANGE interview with Lindsay McKenna and Chief Michael Jaco, US Navy SEAL, retired, part 1 and part 2 Two youtube videos

November 4, 2013



DOWN RANGE interview with Lindsay McKenna and Chief Michael Jaco, US Navy SEAL, retired, part 1 and part 2
Two youtube videos

There’s never been a SEAL step out to read a romance book, much less pen the Forward to it and put a quote on the back cover of it. interviewed us and today, you will get to see both youtube videos, part 1 and part 2.   This is a first.  

Chief Jaco can be found at  It was his book, THE INTUITIVE WARRIOR, that put me on a path of trying to find him and ask him for his technical expertise on DOWN RANGE.  I had 66 unclassified technical questions for him.  Thanks to his intrepid wife, Tracy jo jaco, who contacted me by phone and we talked and she made this meeting happen a year after I’d contacted him by email.  



These two videos are worth watching and sharing.  



COURSE OF ACTION, HRS, November 5 ,2013 by Lindsay McKenna and Merline Lovelace

October 30, 2013



Course of Action was created by myself and Merline Lovelace for Harlequin Romantic Suspense. There will be three books, one coming out each year, 2013, 2014 and 2015, with connected stories (novellas). She is a sister military vet and been a long-time friend. I came up with a concept of us doing a novella each (35,000 words in length) on the black ops community. She was an Air Force Colonel and was the first woman to run an Air Force Base (and showed the boys how to do it). I was in the US Navy. I had a secret clearance and Merline a top secret clearance. Both of us dealt in the black ops of the secretive military side that civilians don’t get to see.

We wanted to do a sort of show-and-tell on the different black ops communities because each is different in their own, unique way. For example, if it’s got to do with ocean, the the SEALs are called from the US Navy.  There will be stories about an Air Force combat controller, US Navy SEAL, Ranger, Army Special Forces, Marine Force Recon and Delta Force. We chose to do six novellas, two stories about two of the men in each book. This series will be released by Harlequin Romantic Suspense once a year.
And, we wanted a story that had threads to the other characters so we build a ‘family’ that the readers would love. Merline is a great brain-stormer and fun to work with. We came up with the concept that six young men in a West Texas town in the middle of nowhere, are football heroes. These six men played hard and played together. They called themselves the Sidewinders and had a tattoo on their upper right biceps to prove it. They went on in four years of high school to win two Texas championships; they played as a team, with heart and fierceness.

A day after graduating, Duke Carmichael, Travis Cooper, Dan Taylor, Jack Halliday, Josh Patterson and Chris Winborne, go down to the military recruiter’s office and join the military branch of their choice. And because of their mental toughness, their heart, they all end up in different black ops units in the military branch they chose.
The first two stories are about Duke Carmichael and Travis Cooper. Duke chose to go into the Air Force. Travis became a Navy SEAL.  Below are my comments about my up and coming novella in the Course of Action series stories. This book will be in paperback and eBook and will become available November  5, 2013.

From Lindsay McKenna:
Out of Harm’s Way 
Hero:  Travis Cooper, PO2, US Navy SEAL
Travis is a vaunted SEAL sniper.  The last thing he expects to come through his satellite phone from the forward operating base, Bravo in Afghanistan, is a call to save a kidnapped American woman.  He’s on the Afghan-Pak border, waiting for an HVT, high value target, to cross over from Pakistan into the country where he waits and hides.   Only, his whole plan is dismantled when the call comes through.

The American woman who has been kidnapped by the Taliban, is part of a group brought in from the US to teach Afghans how to breed better horses.  Madison Duncan, 26, has disobeyed the Marine Corps captain’s warning and slips outside the Afghan home where the group has been gathered.  She’s dying to see the small, tough Afghan horses in a corral out back.  It is dusk and Madison’s common sense is swept away by her passion and love of horses.  Only…the Taliban is waiting.  And they kidnap her, riding hard for the Pak border ten miles away.

And the only person standing in their way of getting there is Travis Cooper, a Texas boy who knows horses, too.  And he’s going to have to take on five Taliban on horseback to try and rescue Madison.  And the odds aren’t in his favor:  One SEAL against five well armed enemy soldiers who have a hostage that they’d rather shoot than allow to live.
Can Travis pull off the impossible?  Can he rescue the woman without her being killed in the process?  It’s going to take all his Texas ranching experience along with his SEAL training, to pull off this unexpected op.  IF he can….   There is no US help coming even if he does manage to rescue Madison.  They are deep in enemy territory and everything depends upon Travis’ SEAL knowledge of the area to get her to safety.  What he doesn’t expect is to be powerfully drawn to the brave young woman.
USAF Combat Controllers go through the same brutal training as Rangers and SEALS.  They can ingress a target area on or under water.  They can also scale or rappel down mountains; do high- and low-altitude jumps; engage the enemy in hand-to-hand combat; treat any injuries they or another member of their squad sustains; and live off the land for weeks, if necessary.
What makes combat controllers different from any other Special Operators is that they’re also fully certified Air Traffic Controllers.  They’re the ones who call in air strikes on hostile positions, direct friendly fire, and control combat aircraft in the hot zones.  And often they do this with 500 pound bombs or mortar shells falling all around them.  You can see why I love these guys!
Merline and I truly hope you enjoy the tales of the Sidewinders!


Available in paperback AND ebook!


A CHRISTMAS PROPROSAL by Linda Lael Miller and Lindsay McKenna for the Holidays!

October 19, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-10-19 at 2.28.45 PM



New York Times bestselling authors Linda Lael Miller and Lindsay McKenna present two enthralling stories about the redemptive power of the holiday seaso

AVAILABLE: 10.1.2013,, and other Internet book websites.

Linda Lael Miller
Secret Service agent David Goddard never expected to spend his Christmas surveilling the president’s cousin. But after weeks of studying her, he finds that Holly Llewellyn’s life continues to remain a mystery. Tangled in the controversy swirling around them, David wonders, is it her secrets that fascinate him…or Holly herself?

Lindsay McKenna
Morgan Trayhern’s toughest mercenary, Colt Hamlin, is looking to lie low this Christmas, but he may just have a change of heart when his matchmaking boss puts him in the path of Montana’s prettiest widow.

It’s wonderful to be teamed with such a terrific writer as Linda Lael Miller for the Holiday season. For my loyal readers who love Morgan’s Mercenaries, this is a Christmas story that I had originally written in 2000 and featured Debbie Macomber, Lindsay McKenna and Stella Bagwell. It was part of Midnight Clear, a Silhouette Christmas release. It hit the New York Times best seller list. I loved writing about Morgan and his family up in Philipsburg, Montana. Each year, the family put on a huge five-day Christmas celebration for the families of their security contractors who worked for Perseus, a black ops owned by Morgan Trayhern. In this story, it is about redemption, healing and love.

With so many military vets now returning from overseas, there is a timelessness to this story that will touch all of us like a tuning fork. Having been in the military myself, the US Navy, I can tell you that being away from home during the Holidays is one of the most gut wrenching times in the year.

Family is family. So come along and read about Colt and Abbey. Celebrate their unexpected falling in love with one another as each helps out with the Trayhern Christmas tradition known as the Five Days of Christmas.

Happy Holidays to all.

Screen Shot 2013-10-19 at 2.29.06 PM


Screen Shot 2013-10-19 at 2.28.55 PM

DANGER CLOSE by Lindsay McKenna

September 9, 2013
Danger Close begins the Shadow Warriors Series.  It is Book 1.

Danger Close begins the Shadow Warriors Series. It is Book 1.

Some of my loyal reader, back in 1999, read my first E-book, VALKYRIE.  It later went on to win the Romantic Times Best E-book of the year 2000.

See the video book trailer:

VALKYRIE has just been bought by Harlequin and I’m thrilled with this acquisition.  Why?  Because I’m going to use this book as the beginning of a new series called SHADOW WARRIORS, which will be with Harlequin HQN.  It will be book #1, and it is retitled:  DANGER CLOSE.

For those who might have bought the book, I’ve done some editing.  I’ve also cut down the book length and tightened it up to 100,000 words.  Originally it was 130,000!

This is a story of Corporal Cathy Fremont, US Marine Corps, who volunteers in 1985 for a congressional one-year trial to see if women can handle combat or not.  Cathy is a sniper-quality shooter, so Major Louise Lane, CO of the WLF (Women’s Liberation Forces created by Congress), wants to show her off to the world, to tout what women can do as well–or better–than men.

Captain Jim Boland, USMC, Marine Force Recon black ops, is asked by Colonel Mackey, to try and get one of the WLF women to tell the truth about Major Lane’s tactics.  Her heavy handed leadership, running the company of women into the ground with extra patrols, puts the women at risk. Lane wants media attention and doesn’t care how hard she pushes her women.  Jim is of high moral fiber and agrees to help because he sees Cathy Fremont as an overworked under dog.

Cathy is not allowed to consort with the Marines in Thailand where there is a dust-up between them and Laos.  The Marine brigade is there to stop incursion of Laotians into Thai territory.  When she meets Jim Boland, she trusts him and he slowly gets her trust.  In doing so, Jim falls in love with her.  And she with him.

Mackey is not above politics and has maneuvered Jim Boland into an impossible position: get Cathy Fremont to go to Congress, in front a a senate panel, and tell the truth about Major Lane and her abusive leadership of the women in her company.

Jim and Cathy are caught up in politics, without knowing that the players on both sides of the argument over women in combat, are willing to use them as unknowing pawns for their own gain. Their love will be tested to the breaking point.  And it is only when Jim throws down the gauntlet to protect the woman he loves, that he is willing to throw away his career in order to save her.

Be sure to get the sequel to this book, DOWN RANGE, HQN, December 2013 and is their daughter, Captain Morgan Boland’s, story!

See me at Lots of reader information over there on my books and what is coming out shortly.