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WALKING THE LAND with Elyn Aviva, Gary White and Eileen Nauman

November 7, 2019

Meet Elyn Aviva and Gary White. They have been “walking the land” for decades and publishing books on their findings as they explore sacred sites in Europe and Great Britain.
We’ll be working together in December and we’ll be posting photos and reports as they explore the Verde Valley/Sedona, Arizona area, where we live. Exciting!

PHOTO: Elyn Aviva is with Gary White.

L to R
Elyn Aviva and Gary White

Just wanted to share some exciting news: Gary and I will be traveling to the US in November to see friends and family—and to work with Eileen Nauman during December. (
Eileen’s new book, Walking the Land, will be released in January 2020, and she asked me to write a Forward for it. I’m very excited about the material she presents in her book. She is a family-lineage shaman through her father’s side of the family (Eastern Cherokee) and carries on the “medicine” (healing skill) for her generation. We share much in common. She discovered our POWER PLACES guidebooks ( and contacted us. (
We’ve had stimulating months exchanging information and experiences. There are not a lot of people (yet) who “walk the land,” and so finding another person who is doing something similar, is thrilling.

We’ll be working with Marchiene Reinstra, Eileen’s hiking partner, in the Verde Valley, doing much walking the land in the Red Rocks/Sedona, Arizona, area. Eileen will be sharing metaphysical techniques that she was trained for. And we’ll be sharing what we know (like dowsing). It’s a wonderful and energizing cross-pollination. While we have been doing our work in Europe and Great Britain, Eileen has been doing work in North, Central, and South America. We can hardly wait to get together and compare notes and techniques. And, for our Facebook audiences who are interested in how to work with sacred land, we will be sending out reports on our adventures to all of you. Stay tuned for photos of our coming adventures and explorations in Arizona!

Eileen Nauman