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Think you know everything about SECRETS by Lindsay McKenna?

December 1, 2016

Hi Readers!

Think you know everything about SECRETS, 2B1 by Lindsay McKenna?
You don’t!!!

FB size 975K SECRETS by Lindsay McKenna
It’s titled that for good reason!
NOW!!! READ “the rest of the story” of how I came to create this dynamic sequel novella to UNBOUND PURSUIT!

Only at USA Today/Happily Ever After blog!…/lindsay-mckenna-inter…/

amazon readers…/1124457876…
Audio, Tantor Media
Released: 11.22.16

SECRETS by Lindsay McKenna and an EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT #3!

November 21, 2016

Hi Dear Readers!


My next Delos series book, SECRETS, 2B2, is now available!

Find out what happens to Mark and Mattie!

Find out what happens to Mark and Mattie!

Novella, 2B2 is a sequel follow-up on “Unbound Pursuit”, 2B1, which was released on 9.29.16). This is Mark Reuss and Mattie Lockwood’s story.

If you read UNBOUND PURSUIT,2B1, you met Mark Reuss, who was a dark, secretive secondary character. He’s a man with a violent past and moves in and out of the lives of the people who love him.

Can love reveal the dark secrets he carries?


“Have you missed not seeing your old house, the one you grew up in?” Mattie asked Mark. They rode side by side, he on Tank, the sorrel gelding, and she on her favorite sorrel mare, Sugar. They were now in the canyon, a short distance away from the hidden stream surrounded by hardy trees that now stood bare in the winter sunshine.

“I never miss that ranch,” he admitted quietly, catching her glance. “Not with my father Jeb still there. Most of my memories are of the Rocking L, and they’re all good ones.”

Mattie liked it when their cowboy boots touched from time to time, depending upon the swaying walk of the horses they rode. “I’m glad you have good memories, Mark. You sure deserved some.”

He lifted his black Stetson off his head and then settled it back on. “I wish like hell I could surgically remove all those bad memories.”

She considered asking him a question, and then decided to do it. Nervously, she asked, “Do you feel like you have a home, now?”

“Yes, and it feels damn good, Mattie.” They came upon the stream hidden in an alcove of bushes and wintering trees. Dismounting, Mark walked over and held Sugar’s reins while Mattie climbed out of the saddle.

“Thanks,” she said, smiling up at him. Mattie had wanted this Saturday ride and luncheon to be a celebration. It would join other recent get-togethers when they’d made some sweet, new memories. She took the reins over Sugar’s head and led her over to the stream where the horse promptly planted her muzzle into the clear water. She drank deeply, and so did Tank, who stood next to Mark.

Mark looked and felt relaxed. Sometimes, Mattie saw him withdraw from her, but he wasn’t that way now, and relief flooded through her.

“I love all the things we’re doing together these days,” she murmured, coming up and sliding her gloved hand around his upper arm. “I‘ve always wanted times like these for us—light, happy moments.”

Reluctantly Mattie allowed her hand to slip from around his denim jacket. She could feel the hardness of Mark’s muscles beneath the rough material, tightening when she slid her fingers around his arm. Her own yearning ratcheted up, wanting closeness with him as never before.

Mark cocked his head in her direction, meeting her upturned gaze. “There’s nothing I want more, either.” He smiled a little and added teasingly, “You’re just a natural well-driller. You always see deeply into people’s psyches and you dig for the real person. It’s a gift, Mattie.”

She loved it when he complimented her. “I know I ask a lot of questions—and you’re right¬—I like getting to the bottom of things.” She breathed in the faint scent of his sweat along with the soap he’d used earlier, a lime fragrance. Mark had shaved, as well. She was hungry for him, and had to stop herself from wrapping her arms around those broad shoulders of his, drawing him up against her and never letting go.

Her instincts told her Mark needed that kind of affection, too. It was something she’d sensed around him, him being abandoned early in life, that loss of nurturing, and it hadn’t gone away to this day. “

Mark Reuss’ childhood was a living hell. The only bright spot in his life during those dark days was his best friend, Mattie Lockwood. Her beauty and spirit called out to him, but he didn’t want to drag her down into the gloom his life had become. So when he graduated high school, he joined the Marine Corps and left his past—and Mattie—behind.

Or so he thought. Mark never forgot Mattie, or stopped wanting her. Now he’s back in town, ready to face his demons and make a life with her. But before he can set his plans in motion, Mark must suddenly disappear once again, but it means keeping secrets from Mattie. Will he once again have to let go of the woman he loves?


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Available 11.22.2016


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SECRETS by Lindsay McKenna — Harlequin Junkie Blog, Excerpt and a GIVEAWAY!!

November 17, 2016

Find out what happens to Mark and Mattie!

Find out what happens to Mark and Mattie!

Darkness surrounded him. Could love rescue him…

SECRETS 2B2, Delos Series, is a spin-off from TANGLED PURSUIT, Oct 2015 and later sequel: Unbound Pursuit 9.29.16 (Mark Reuss, hero of Secrets, showed up in Unbound Pursuit, fyi–without giving the story away) 😉

I love HJ because it asks questions other blogs don’t, and peels back a veneer on the story for readers. Also, a cool EXCERPT that will be seen nowhere else! And a GIVEAWAY! Go over and make a comment and you’re signed up! Good luck! Enjoy!

Mark Reuss’ childhood was a living hell. The only bright spot in his life during those dark days was his best friend, Mattie Lockwood. Her beauty and spirit called out to him, but he didn’t want to drag her down into the gloom his life had become. So when he graduated high school, he joined the Marine Corps and left his past—and Mattie—behind.

Or so he thought. Mark never forgot Mattie, or stopped wanting her. Now he’s back in town, ready to face his demons and make a life with her. But before he can set his plans in motion, Mark must suddenly disappear once again, but it means keeping secrets from Mattie. Will he once again have to let go of the woman he loves?


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SECRETS will be available 11.22.16

GIVEAWAY, audio: Broken Dreams by Lindsay McKenna!!

September 7, 2016

Broken Dreams giveaway is now live on Goodreads!!

Be one of 5 winners to get an MP3 audio version of my book, Broken Dreams!

Be one of 5 winners to get an MP3 audio version of my book, Broken Dreams!

Giveaway runs 9/7-9/21

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Broken Dreams is a military romantic suspense, Book 4 of the Delos Series! A stand-alone read.

ROMANCE MODEL JASON BACA TV interview goes VIRAL and the result! COVER REVEAL, SECRETS by Lindsay McKenna

August 23, 2016

FB size 975K SECRETS by Lindsay McKenna

Jason Aaron Baca, one of my romance cover models I use on the covers of my Delos Series books, did a TV interview on him breaking Fabio’s record of how many covers he was on. Jason passed him and now took the crown. ABC TV affiliate, KBSW in Salinas, California, took his interview on 8.16. He’d emailed me to tell me that he’d mentioned SECRETS, the book cover that he was to pose for at the station.

Well! The darned thing exploded and went viral! KBSW didn’t air the five minute interview until 8.18. But when they did? The viewership overwhelmed the station with positive calls about Jason’s fascinating interview (never mind that Jason has a body that any woman would like). So, KBSW then sent the interview to ALL ABC TV affiliates, to CNN and to Hearst Media! with HOLD ON

And of course, Jason and I had no idea what would happen.
It didn’t take long to find out. Jason emailed me on 8.19, saying that at least 25 ABC or other media stations in Canada and the USA, had snapped up the TV interview and was playing it for their audiences!
And then, CNN picked it up!

Then, Jason emailed me and asked if I could get the cover to SECRETS to him this Monday, 8.22. Plus, he wanted the cover up at Amazon, as well.

That was asking a LOT.

I’d barely got to the photo I wanted to use for the cover! That meant throwing my editorial team into fast forward at Mach 3 with their hair on fire! Tammy Seidick ( would have to create a fabulous cover (and Jason had already sent her the photo), like “yesterday.” I asked if she could get it to me by Saturday, 8.20 and I knew that was asking a lot. Tammy is one of the most popular graphic artists in romance cover creations, so it wasn’t like she was sitting around eating a bon bon with nothing else to do!

Then, I had to get a hold of Tricia Speed, my friend who handles all the uploads and computer work for me. it wasn’t like she wasn’t busy either! Not only did she need to get up a pre-order on two platforms, but I had to have a bunch of info on front/back matter on SECRETS to her so she could start the process. Further, there was a Copyright that had to be gotten, and then 2 ISBN’s for the eBook. And once I got all that to her, she had to cobble it together.

This takes time. And never mind it was a Friday night and she’s tired from working 5 days a week (so was I), but to have this kind of “out of the blue” thing blow up on us, was unprecedented for me and for my intrepid editorial staff.

Tammy and Tricia were Olympic champions on Friday. Tammy got me the cover on Friday, not Saturday and it’s a great cover! Tricia got the copyright, the ISBN’s, SECRETS then uploaded to amazon.

But there was no way to pull this off without a lot of darn good people dropping everything to help me get all this to Jason in time. I felt like I was riding a rocket, and I’m sure Tammy and Tricia felt the same way ;-).


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BLIND SIDED by Lindsay McKenna, EXCERPT!

June 11, 2016

EXCERPT from BLIND SIDED by Lindsay McKenna

Delos Series novella, BN2

FB size BLIND SIDED by Lindsay McKenna

“Raw pain shot up through Kara’s face as she sat down on a chair in the day care center, gripping her cellphone in her hand. Her attacker had left. Or had he? Warily, she looked around, but her gaze was fastened on the opened door and entrance to the day care area. Stunned and hurting after regaining consciousness, she’d crawled to the chair and pulled her phone from her pocket to call 9-1-1. Dizzy, her ears ringing, she tried without success to stop the blood from pouring out of her left nostril. It felt as if half her face had been ripped off. The heat, swelling, and pain making her whimper. She was hunched over, praying that someone, anyone, would get here fast to help her.

The woman on the 9-1-1 line said a Kenedy County sheriff’s cruiser was on its way. How far away was it though? Her hair hung like curtains on either side of her face as her bloody, slippery fingers carefully pressed against her nose. The pain was excruciating, so she stopped trying to examine the extent of her injury.

Shattered by the attack, Kara kept worrying that her assailant would come back. But everything was quiet in the day care center and out in the hall beyond it. The rain was slacking off, the thunder moving farther east, the storm passing quickly through the area. She heard the front door open and then close. Who was it? Her heart pounded hard in her chest. Was it the man coming back to finish her off? To kill her?

Stifling a cry, she straightened, tense in the chair, unable to walk much because her knees were feeling so weak. Her breath hitched as she saw a sheriff’s deputy appear in the entrance, his revolver drawn. A gasp tore from Kara—she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. The man wearing the black Stetson, dressed in a deputy’s uniform, was none other than Cade Patterson! She’d heard through the county grapevine that he’d come home two years earlier, but she had never run into him or seen him. His shoulders were so broad that she longed to simply lay her head on them and collapse into his arms. His light brown eyes were large, wide set, and assessing her, holding her distraught gaze.

“Kara!” He looked as shocked as she did. “What happened? Is there anyone else here?” he asked urgently, his head swiveling to take in the room.

“A man attacked me from behind…I-I don’t know why…” Her voice sounded young, like a scared child, not her normal alto tone. She saw that his eyes were filled with concern.

“Okay, stay where you are for a moment. I have to clear every room to make sure no one is still in here.”

She nodded. “I’m not going anywhere. I can’t walk. I’m dizzy.”

“I’ll be right back,” he promised.

Huge tears of relief squeezed out of her eyes. Kara wrapped her arms around herself, the blood dripping continuously down onto her white blouse, forever staining it. Cade was like a silent shadow, disappearing from her view as he moved down the hall, pistol drawn. Was her attacker still in here hiding? Waiting to jump her again? She felt so cold. So alone. And yet, Cade was here! He was the last person she’d ever expected to see and she was infinitely grateful it was him.

Kara had been hoping to see him on the street, maybe catch sight of him at the local diner or run into him at the grocery store. But she never had, until now. Gulping, hating the metallic taste of blood in her mouth, she swallowed, her stomach roiling.


Cade’s voice was so close to her, she snapped her head up, gasping, not hearing him return to her side. He stood before her, sliding his revolver into the holster and safing it.

Her hand flew to her throat as she stared up at him. How tall he was! She remembered the boy of eighteen. That was the last time she’d seen him. Even though Cade had played football, the coach was always after him to put on more muscle, but he never had. Her gaze traveled up, from his narrow hips encased in dark blue gabardine trousers to the light khaki-colored shirt that stretched across his broad chest. And those proud, straight shoulders of his that looked as if they could carry the weight of the world on them. She knew from Cade’s hard, younger life, that he’d carried his mother who had been so broken by her husband’s unexpected death.

Words stuck in her tight throat as he crouched down close to her, placing his hand tentatively upon her upper right arm, his gaze melting into hers.

“Broken nose?” he asked gently.

“I-I think so…he hit me. That’s the last thing I remember.”

“I’ll call an ambulance,” he said, his hand reluctantly leaving her arm so he could make the call from his shoulder radio.

She looked beyond him, panicked, as he ended the call. “Is he still here, Cade?”

Shaking his head, he said, “No, no one’s here. We’re alone. Are you hurt anywhere else, Kara?”

Just the low warmth, the concern in his eyes, brought more tears. She choked and sobbed, “I-I don’t think so…I didn’t expect this…I don’t know who he was. He attacked me from behind. I got a look at him after I smashed his foot with my heel, just for a second before I tried to run from him.” Cade’s hand was stabilizing as he lightly moved it up and down her upper arm, as if to comfort her.

“We can cover all that later.”

“God, I wish my nose would quit bleeding.” She held up her bloodied fingers.

“Hold on,” Cade murmured, rising. He pulled out a white linen handkerchief from his back pocket, slipping it into her hand. “Press two fingers gently against the root of your nose and pinch the area as much as you can without causing yourself more pain. It should slow and stop the bleeding,” he said, crouching next to her once more.

Needing his comforting touch, she closed her eyes and held the handkerchief against her nose with one hand and pinched the root of her nose with the other. “I-I’m not hurt anywhere else. Bruised knees maybe, that’s all.”

Kara began to shake uncontrollably, barely holding herself together. Some of the bleeding was slowing down and that was good. Absorbing Cade’s masculine nearness, she felt like a thief stealing his light, his energy. Listening to the low timbre of his voice as he spoke to the Sarita dispatcher requesting a forensics team and back up, she once more felt that powerful swell of protection embracing her. And yet, Cade was not even touching her! Missing his hand on her arm, she needed to connect with him once again. It was a wild, unbidden thought and she couldn’t stop any of her rampant, twisting feelings from barreling through her right now.”

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HOLD ON by Lindsay McKenna available on pre-order!

May 24, 2016

Hi Readers!!!
Romantic suspense that will have you gripping your chair! Delos series.

HOLD ON by Lindsay McKenna
Book 5, Delos Series
Callie McKinley and Beau Gardner’s story
SEQUEL to: FORGED IN FIRE, Book 3, Delos Series
Publishing Date: 8.3.16
290 pages
Pre-order: available now!
$4.99 (ebook)
Audio—Tantor Media

HOLD ON by Lindsay McKenna

When I began to write Forged in Fire, book 3 of the Delos series it was to introduce Matt Culver, one of the three Culver children who would eventually take over and run Artemis Security. It would be a Delos charity secret, in-house firm created to lend security to the 1,800 charities they had around the world.

The more I got into Forged in Fire, Beau Gardner, a West Virginia hill boy, who was a sergeant in Delta Force and in Matt’s unit at Bagram, just kind of took a more important part in the over all plot.

As always, I have a plot, but when I sit down in the morning to start another chapter, I may have a vague idea of what’s going to happen, but not “exactly” what will emerge in the plot.

Beau Gardner was that kind of secondary hero, in the background, but he emerged later in the book to take on a far more important part in it. And by the end of Matt’s book, I knew I had to write Beau’s book, and his story of escape with Callie McKinley, Dara’s sister.

Their story was no less intense, cliff-hanging, filled with danger and with life-and-death situations than Matt and Dara’s escape from the Taliban in Afghanistan was. But it was a different story and unique to the characters themselves. When Dara and Callie go to an Afghan village to render medical aid, Matt Culver and Beau Gardner go along as their security escort. Little do they know that the Taliban is going to attack them before they can get there.

In a hail of bullets, Matt and Beau get the women out of the vehicle and run. But they run different directions, Matt and Dara to the mountains, and Beau with Callie, to the plains and river. They split up, hoping to split the Taliban force so they have a better chance of surviving this assault. Forged in Fire is how Matt and Dara survived. Hold On is how Beau and Callie survived. Two stories with two very different twists, turns, surprises and challenges.

You see, Callie and Dara McKinley were sisters from Butte, Montana. Raised on the Eagle Feather Ranch where they grew up being independent, hard working young women. Dara went on to become a pediatric physician. Callie went on to work with Hope Charity, usually spending six months out of every year in Kabul, Afghanistan. There, she worked with Maggie, the American owner, caring for fifty Afghan orphaned boys and girls.

Callie loved her service work, loved children and defied the danger that was all around them when she worked overseas to help orphaned children.

In HOLD ON, you will get to see Callie and Beau (who play a nice part in Forged in Fire), in a different and direct light. Because it is their story. I loved creating this title because that’s exactly what it was….you were, as a reader holding on for dear life, wondering what could happen next.

If you have not read Forged in Fire? I’d suggest you do it first because it will give the nuances even more importance in HOLD ON. They are a two-book sequel and while they can be read individually, as stand-alone books? You will see things from a different perspective if you’ve read Forged in Fire first.

I hope you enjoy the sequel, HOLD ON! My model I chose for it was Jason Aaron Baca. He had the look of Beau Gardner: that intense warrior that he could become when things turned violent and dangerous.

The background for the book cover? The thunderstorm? That is a photo I took of a monsoon thunderstorm coming our way where we live in the Verde Valley of Arizona in 2006. Really cool to meld these elements together! There’s more tidbits coming about this book. So, HOLD ON ;-)!!!!

Back Cover Copy

Callie McKinley has been burned by love before, and has learned to carefully guard her heart. Especially from smooth-talking alpha males like Sgt. Beau Gardner. Callie is wary of the Army Delta Force operator, but she is soon taken in by his slow West Virginia drawl, his honesty and his surprising gentleness. Could Beau be worth risking her bruised heart for?

Being black ops, Beau Gardner isn’t afraid of a challenge. And beautiful Callie McKinley is a big one. He has wanted the beautiful redhead in his bed since he first saw her belly dancing at the annual holiday show at Bagram. But once he begins to break through Callie’s defenses and get to know the woman inside, he realizes he wants more than her body. He wants her heart.

To get closer to Callie, Beau volunteers to provide security for her and her sister while they work at a local orphanage. But when a routine visit to a Afghan village results in a Taliban ambush, Callie and Beau find themselves on the run. And it will take every bit of training Beau possesses to keep them alive. Can he get Callie to safety so that they can explore their growing love or not?


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SECRET DREAM by Lindsay McKenna available now on pre-order!

May 23, 2016

Dear Reader:
PW SecretDream by lindsay mckenna cover copy

Welcome to the Delos Series!  Secret Dream is the sequel to NOWHERE TO HIDE, Book 1 of the Delos series.
Secret Dream, 1B1
Sequel to NOWHERE TO HIDE, Book 1
Ebook/Mass Market Paperback
Delos Series
Pre-order available now
Publication date: 7.25.2016

This is Cav Jordan and Lia Cassidy’s continuing story and novella, SECRET DREAM! You met Lia in the the prequel novella LAST CHANCE, 0.5a, 7.13.2015. Their “big book”, a 100,000 words long, NOWHERE TO HIDE, is Book 1 of the Delos series. Now, their sequel, SECRET DREAM, is a 40,000 word novella.

Lia is deeply in love with Cav. All she wants is for her parents to meet and love him as much as she does. Cav, coming from a dysfunctional home, isn’t keen on the idea, not knowing what to expect. Because he loves Lia, wants her happy, he agrees to fly home to meet her farm parents from Ontario, Oregon. Cav gets a less than warm welcome from Lia’s mother, Susan. But her father, Steve, warmly embraces Cav, making him feel more than welcome. As the week stretches on, Cav seeks, in his ex-SEAL way, to ferret out what is really bothering Susan.

It’s clear to Cav that Susan dotes on her only daughter and is highly protective of Lia because of the attack upon her years earlier. He can’t blame the mother, but the tension in the household must be resolved and he’s going to try and defuse the unknown situation. Further, Lia very much wants to become pregnant. She comes from a large farm family, and yearns for a family of her own. It is her secret dream. Can Cav walk through an emotional mine field with Susan, find the source of her distrust of him? More than anything, Cav wants Lia to be happy and he’ll do anything to give her just that. He loves her so much, that he knows, somehow, his heart will find a way to make peace with Lia’s mother.

secretdreamback5_850 copy

LAST CHANCE is available on four major ebook platforms (not Google). 

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Let me hear from you about the Culver Family and the Delos series.  Happy reading!



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April 4, 2016

Hi Dear Readers
Gosh, we 12-pack authors who wrote terrific novellas for COWBOY JUSTICE are cutting loose with LOTS of fun things for you to do today and tomorrow as our 12-pack on HAWT COWBOY LAWMEN is released!!!

Cowboy Justice, a 12-pack of NYT and USA Today authors penning fabulous novellas about lawmen.  Available April, 2016!

Cowboy Justice, a 12-pack of NYT and USA Today authors penning fabulous novellas about lawmen. Available April, 2016!

April 4 – BLOG and CHAT!


Cowboy Justice 12-Pack arrives this week. In my blog I share the details of it. Just go to:

FB size BLIND SIDED by Lindsay McKenna
Blind Sided is my offering in this terrific 12-novellas written by great story telling authors for Cowboy Justice!


NIGHT OWL REVIEWS chat with 12-pack authors:
Katie Lane, Cynthia D’Alba, Lindsay McKenna and Sabrina York!!

Location, Time and Duration

Location: Online at

Time: 5pm Pacific / 6pm Mountain / 7pm Central / 8pm Eastern

Duration: About 1 Hour

RSVP For Readers
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Readers can RSVP now at the below link.

RSVP Benefits:

* The RSVP gives readers entry into the evenings prizes (must be an active chatter at the event)
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Those who don’t RSVP can participate and still sign-up to get prizes. They just won’t get the reminder email.

Getting Into the Chat Room
The room is only visible on scheduled chat days. You don’t need an account or any plugins to chat in our chat room.
You will need a good internet connection as this is Real-Time event.


Come on down! Drop in when ever you have time!

I have a pre-party contest going on over there–two lucky readers will win a fan we had made for Cowboy Justice. I’ll be announcing the winners late tonight. They will have 48h hours to get a hold of me.

front of fan for Cowboy Justice 12-pack

paper fan for Cowboy Justice 12-pack for RT

And, an added fun bonus is that you will get to chat with most of the 12-pack authors, who are dropping in as well. Contests! Giveaways! Excerpts! Fun! You can’t miss this!!

Here are the novellas!
Get your TWELVE Cowboy Lawmen who are so hot it’s criminal. The COWBOY JUSTICE 12-Pack includes fresh novellas by twelve New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Authors!

SO many great authors in this one! Susan Stoker, Elle James, Becky McGraw, Cynthia D’Alba, Sable Hunter, Delilah Devlin, Donna Michaels, Lexi Post, Sabrina York, Randi Alexander, Lindsay McKenna, Beth Williamson!

Seriously, 99 cents is a STEAL! That’s less than 10 cents a STORY!
Cowboy Justice
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JUSTICE FOR LAINE by Susan Stoker – What began as a favor turns out to be fate when Laine meets sexy Texas Ranger Wes and falls for him.

JUSTICE BURNING by Elle James – Hard-nosed sheriff’s deputy, Nash Grayson, places his family and hometown in danger when he rescues a desperate runaway bride

LAYING DOWN THE LAW by Becky McGraw – Doctor returns to hometown when mother takes a fall and falls harder for new town Sheriff…her first love.

TEXAS JUSTICE by Cynthia D’Alba – First-term Sheriff is torn between duty and love when sexy Chief of Surgery is accused of medical malpractice and homicide.

TEXAS LONE STAR by Sable Hunter – An all-business Texas Ranger falls hard for an irresistible lady rancher he rescues from dangerous poachers.

CAIN’S LAW by Delilah Devlin – Lawman, Cain Whitfield, discovers the shy brunette he’s been flirting with is a former mob boss’s girlfriend when her cabin goes up in flames.

COWBOY LAWE by Donna Michaels – More than bullets fly when a former SEAL protects a sexy witness who’s actually an undercover agent secretly assigned to protect the stubborn SEAL.

COWBOY’S BEST SHOT by Lexi Post – A cowboy veteran who’s lost so much. A bartender who never had it to begin with. Is this their best shot?

PROTECT AND SERVE by Sabrina York – He’s vowed to avoid his high school crush, but his duty demands he protect her from a growing menace.

BADGE AND A SADDLE by Randi Alexander – Detective Rex Tarrow is sworn to protect Astrologist Dr. Mina Cooper, but will she get them both killed?

BLIND SIDED by Lindsay McKenna – Dark family secrets stand between the sheriff and the woman he loves from afar. Can he expose the treachery? Win her hand?

LAZARUS by Beth Williamson – Being a Graham isn’t easy and it’s about to get a lot harder for one stubborn lawman and the woman who still owns his heart.


February 14, 2016

Hello Dear Readers!
First of all, Happy Valentine’s Day!!
Valentine banner

Fabio, darling model of the romance covers during the 1980’s and 1990’s, before he retired, showed up on a total of 460 romance covers in our romance industry! An amazing amount!

Fabio (left), darling of the romance cover models has been replaced by Jason Aaaron Baca (right)

Fabio (left), darling of the romance cover models has been replaced by Jason Aaaron Baca (right)

How synchronistic that Jason Aaron Baca now wears the crown as King of the Cover Models for having the most on romance book covers:  461.  Fabio, darling decades ago, had 460.  Congratulations, Jason!

How synchronistic that Jason Aaron Baca now wears the crown as King of the Cover Models for having the most on romance book covers: 461. Fabio, darling decades ago, had 460. Congratulations, Jason!

Jason Aaron Baca now wears the crown for appearing on the most romance covers in our Industry 2.14.2016.

Jason Aaron Baca now wears the crown for appearing on the most romance covers in our Industry 2.14.2016.

In 2016 a very popular cover model is Jason Baca from Saratoga California , just broke Fabio’s long-standing record. On 2.10.16, the San Francisco Chronicle did an article on how Jason is now THE top romance cover model in our Romance Industry!

And something for Lindsay McKenna, Chris Keniston and Susan Stoker to celebrate is their anthology SAVED BY A SEAL, was Jason’s 461st book cover!! We were shocked to find this out, and the synchronicity couldn’t have been sweeter because their anthology of first-in-series books was an effort to help a wounded vet receive a service dog to help him or her make their daily life a little easier. Jason’s father was in the Vietnam war and we honor his service as well. It makes this book cover sweeter for all the above reasons.
Authors of SBAS copy
Lindsay served in the U.S. Navy as a meteorologist in the air wing. Susan Stoker was an Army wife and Chris has a deep, abiding respect for our military personnel and the sacrifices they make for our great country.

Jason has done 461 romance covers breaking Fabio’s record. Why should I care you ask? Guess whose cover is number 461? That’s right. SAVED BY A SEAL is the cover that broke Fabio’s record!

The authors of SAVED BY A SEAL, sure hope this sells more books for the Disabled Vets ! – I think it’s rather cool that a charity anthology romance book cover broke Fabio’s record! Even better? All the proceeds for their book go to America’s!

SbaS_Twitter 2 copy

Buying our book for .99 cents, all ‘first-in-series’ books, have all proceeds going to to help buy a service dog for a deserving wounded military vet.

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