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Wind River Wrangler by Lindsay McKenna — FREE sample chapter from iBooks/Apple and a yummy Excerpt for everyone else!

October 2, 2016

Hi Readers!!

I’ve got a FREE sample chapters, plus an excerpt from Wind River Valley, for you! If you’re an Apple guy or gal, iBooks is making a SAMPLE CHAPTER from my book available to you right now! So fire up your iPad and take advantage of this cool deal 😉 It’s FREE!
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Wind River Wrangler by Lindsay McKenna is Book 1 of her new series:  Wind River Valley!  Pub. date: 10.25.16.  Pre-order now!

Wind River Wrangler by Lindsay McKenna is Book 1 of her new series: Wind River Valley! Pub. date: 10.25.16. Pre-order now!

Sample Chapter from Wind River Valley Wrangler, Book 1 by Lindsay McKenna
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and….for the rest of the readers who may not use the Apple platform, fear not! We have LOTS for you!

BONUS SCENE on Roan Taggart, from Wind River Wrangler!
Kensington Books/Zebra
Wind River Valley Series
Book 1
Roan is an ex-Special Forces soldier. He’s come to Wyoming, to the Wind River Ranch to get his life together.

Find out more about his Army black ops life!

If you pre-order Book 1, you will get this scene a day before the actual date of publishing! I’m excited to work with the Mighty Girls of Kensington Books Media department to offer you this neat gift!
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NEVER SURRENDER by Lindsay McKenna

June 1, 2014

Hi Readers!

Join me on June 6, 8 p.m., EDT, where I’ll be interviewed by the fabulous Pam Stack of Authors on the Air, about BREAKING POINT and NEVER SURRENDER!  Don’t miss this blogtalk radio interview.  And if you can’t make it?  There will be a free podcast available.  Get information about why I wrote these two powerful books!

I hope you’ve had a chance to read BREAKING POINT, HQN, May, 2014.  It is part of my Shadow Warriors series for Harlequin.  The sequel to it is NEVER SURRENDER.  If you haven’t read the first book, I would strongly urge you to do so.  There, you will get introduced to two very special characters of mine that took over my world and would not let me go.  I’m so glad they didn’t!


Sequel to BREAKING POINT, HQN, May 2014, Shadow Warriors series

Sequel to BREAKING POINT, HQN, May 2014, Shadow Warriors series











You will meet Baylee Ann Thorn, Bay to her friends, who is a US Navy medic and a vaunted 18 Delta combat corpsman.  The best of the best.  Bay is part of a forty-woman volunteer unit of women who were specially trained for a year, to go into combat beside the men.  She is one of the women who gets placed in a US Navy SEAL team.   In BREAKING POINT, you get to see the SEAL team’s reaction to her being embedded in their platoon.

Bay Thorn 18 delta corpsman from video by tricia speed






About the only SEAL in the platoon that doesn’t get upset with having a woman in their team, is Petty Officer First Class Gabe Griffin.  At one time, before a gutting divorce, he’d been LPO, Lead Petty Officer, of the platoon.  He was a widely respected SEAL by all the men in the platoon.  And he’s about the only SEAL who is willing to mentor Bay as she fits into their platoon for the next four months at Camp Bravo, in Afghanistan.


Petty Officer 1 Gabe Griffin, US Navy SEALs






In the second book NEVER SURRENDER, Bay and Gabe have fallen in love and she is engaged to him.  And because of Operation Shadow Warriors, of which she is a part, Bay must go over for six more months to Afghanistan to finish out her time in service to this top secret Pentagon driven operation.  This book is about the deepest human elements of loving another through some of their darkest days.  It’s powerful, visceral, gritty and will completely involve you.  Love is the one human emotion that can rescue us when nothing else can.  It is that kind of story.

Here is an excerpt from NEVER SURRENDER:

Gabe and Bay found salvation in one another, but their love is put to the test when Bay is kidnapped on a medical mission in Afghanistan. Can her Navy SEAL rescue her before it’s too late? Read on for a sneak peek of NEVER SURRENDER by Lindsay McKenna, coming June 24, 2014 from HQN.

Gabe jerked awake, a scream on his lips. Disoriented, breathing hard, sweat running down his temples, he felt as if he were underwater, suffocating, unable to reach the surface for air.
His mind tumbled. He looked at the digital red letters on the clock on the bed stand. It was 12:30 a.m. As he gasped for breath, his gut was tied in knots. He lay naked in the bed, feeling a horrible rush of anxiety tunnel and twist violently through him. Another nightmare? Hell, he had them regularly. This one was different. Very different. It raised the hair on the nape of his neck.
He forced himself to sit up, swinging his legs over the bed. The moment his bare feet hit the cool bamboo flooring, it gave him something to focus on, something to ground himself with. His reaction to the nightmare was joltingly different.
What the hell?
Gabe forced himself to control his breathing; something he was very good at because he was a sniper. He could damn near control every bodily function he had, including lowering his heart rate.
Wiping the sweat off his face, he blinked several times. Why was he feeling so damned scared? What the hell was this all about? He stared at the clock, making mental calculations that it was noon for Bay in Afghanistan. Daytime was safer than night-time over there. The Taliban struck during the dark hours.
Had he had a precognitive dream about her? One that showed him something that was going to happen to her? The SEAL chief’s phone call last week had made him edgy. Tense. Maybe he was just working that out in his dream state? How the hell did he know? He was no friggin’ shrink.
Standing, Gabe walked out of the bedroom, down the hall to the kitchen. He wanted water, his mouth feeling as if it had cotton balls in it. He stood at the sink, filled the cup, tipped it to his lips and slugged down the liquid. Finishing off the glass of water, he set it in the sink, turned and walked into the quiet living room.
Frowning, he felt restless, as if he had something important to do. His mind raced with questions. No answers were forthcoming. Rubbing his face with his hands, he muttered a curse. Dammit, he needed this sleep so badly. The past week, he’d been involved in the swim qualifications down at the SEAL base located on Coronado. He was in the water eight to ten hours a day. If the trained dolphins who protected the ships in the bay weren’t trying to bust his ribs as he put a fake limpet mine on the side of a cruiser’s hull beneath the water, then they were dealing with harbor seals whose duty it was to protect exactly that: the harbor. SEALs trained dolphins and harbor seals to defend and protect all the ships in the San Diego Bay. Whether they were dealing with nuclear-classed submarines, cruisers, a carrier or destroyer, they had been taught to kill an enemy frogman trying to sink a ship in their bay. His ribs were bruised as hell. His partner, Hammer, had busted a couple of ribs when an aggressive dolphin had taken him head-on yesterday. Hammer had lost that round and would be benched for six weeks while the fractures healed.
Looking around the near-dark condo, Gabe couldn’t shake the awful, roiling anxiety roaring through him. He felt his belly tighten, as if he were going to get hit with an unknown fist coming his way. Damn. Maybe a warm shower would help calm him down? It always had in the past.
Just as Gabe emerged from the bathroom, the white towel hanging low on his narrow hips, the phone rang. Looking at his Rolex, he saw it was two in the morning. An unsettled feeling avalanched him. No one called at this time of night. His mind spun with shock as he hurried to the phone sitting on the granite island in the kitchen. The only call he’d receive at this time of morning was….and he angrily shook his head, not going there. No. It wasn’t that phone call. It just couldn’t be….
Grabbing the phone, he growled, “Chief Griffin here.”
“Gabe? This is Chief Phillips.”
He felt all the air getting sucked out of his lungs, stunned to hear the SEAL’s voice calling from Camp Bravo in Afghanistan. Knees weak, Gabe suddenly sat down. “What’s happened to Bay?” he asked, holding the phone so tight his knuckles whitened.
“I’m sorry to call you,” he began heavily. “At noon our time, Mustafa Khogani attacked the village where she was holding a medical clinic. There were twenty Taliban riders, and they swept up through the line where she was helping the women and children.”
“Dammit, is she all right?” he ground out, his breath choking in his throat. Closing his eyes, he heard the SEAL Chief draw in a deep breath as if to fortify himself.
“No, she’s been kidnapped, Gabe. Reza, the terp, saw her shot from behind. Reza told Captain Anderson he recognized Mustafa Khogani on his black stallion come riding up to her. Bay fired at him, hitting him, we think, in the left leg. She was stunned by a Kevlar hit from behind. It threw her forward and to the ground. Khogani leaped off his horse and punched her in the face before she could get a second shot off at him. Reza said she went unconscious at that point. Khogani put her up on another rider’s horse, who is unidentified, and they rode for the wadi and disappeared into the underbrush. Khogani then ran over and grabbed her medical rucksack and took it with him.”
Gabe couldn’t breathe. He couldn’t speak. A knot in his throat was so painful, he couldn’t pass words through or around it. Gabe’s mind spun with the information. He’d snapped awake at twelve-thirty in the morning. That would have been the exact time Bay had been kidnapped.
He rubbed his face savagely. “Chief, get me ordered over there right now. I’ll get my commander to let me get over there as soon as possible. I’m coming over as a strap-hanger. I’ll find her….”

Don’t miss NEVER SURRENDER by Lindsay McKenna, coming June 24 2014 from HQN.  Sequel to BREAKING POINT, HQN, May 2014.
Publisher’s Weekly Magazine, 5.12.2014
STAR review
NEVER SURRENDER by Lindsay McKenna, HQN, ISBN 978-0-373-7788-9

“McKenna takes readers on a gritty and emotional journey with this high-octane sequel to BREAKING POINT, HQN, May 2014.  Navy SEAL Chief Gabe Griffin would do anything for his fiancee, Navy Petty Officer First Class Baylee-Ann (Bay” Thorn.  She’s a member of a select group of women secretly being tested for combat readiness.  Bay has just returned from deployment when she’s sent back to Afghanistan to provide medical support to an Army platoon. When a sadistic Taliban warlord kidnaps her, Bay’s life and sanity are on the line, and Gabe moves heaven and earth to rescue her.  McKenna provides heartbreakingly tender romantic development that will move readers to tears.  Her military background lends authenticity to this outstanding tale, and readers will fall in love with the upstanding hero and his fierce determination to save the woman he loves (July).”  Publisher’s Weekly Magazine


“I looked forward to the continuation of Lindsay McKenna’s Shadow Warriors series with the sequel to the story of Navy SEAL Chief Gabe Griffin and Petty Officer First Class Baylee-Ann “Bay” Thorn that began in Breaking Point (HQN, May 2014). NEVER SURRENDER definitely DID NOT disappoint. It actually exceeded my expectations and surpassed my vivid imagination.

This book does not hold anything back. Nothing was sugarcoated. Ms McKenna meticulously revealed the human side of our Military Warriors.  You are deeply drawn into their physical and emotional suffering.  It is impossible not to feel their pain while encouraging their determination. In the end, it is their deep and steadfast love that allows them to fight for each other and come out on the other side victorious.

Being a highly trained and skilled 18 Delta Combat Medic, Bay’s services are crucially needed in Afghanistan. While rendering support Bay is kidnapped and brutally attacked by Taliban warlord Mustafa Khogani.  She relies on her previous training while embedded with Gabe’s SEAL platoon to survive.  Her deep love for Gabe enables her to keep fighting until he is able to rescue her.

When Bay and Gabe join forces, nothing is impossible. Obstacles are faced together and conquered.  Gabe’s intense love allows him to eventually give her the time and space she needs to heal in body and soul. They fully embody the SEAL inherent instinct to Never Surrender.  Be forewarned to read with tissues at hand as your own emotions will be thoroughly engaged!”

Cindy Reifel’s review May 31
5 of 5 stars
Recommended for: everyone
Read in May, 2014, read count: 1
“As usual, Ms. McKenna weaves an extremely powerful story. The continuation of Bay and Gabe’s story from Breaking Point is fast-paced, action packed, fascinating and, at times, heart wrenching. In this book, Gabe and Bay become engaged, then Bay is deployed back overseas as a medic while Gabe stays in the states. While overseas, Bay is kidnapped by a terrorist cell and Gabe pulls strings to get over there, find her and bring her back. This story is about the road back. This is a story that you very seldom hear, much less read about, because so many people aren’t willing to talk about it, much less deal with it and/or write about it. Ms. McKenna does it with style, grace, empathy and love. You DO NOT want to miss this book!”

LFU, Facebook
“First, you don’t need a regular size tissue box.  You need the JUMBO size!  Just saying.  I started the book early this morning.  I haven’t cried so much and yelled at a book, like I have this one.  I am almost finished.  Thank you for writing an amazing love story.”

May 06, 2014 Jennifer rated it 5 of 5 stars

Received an ARC for review
Never Surrender by Lindsay McKenna

“…This is an awesome series and just an amazing book. I LOVED the first half of Bay and Gabe’s story (Breaking Point) and was so excited to read this half. Now I hope there’s another book for Gabe’s friend, Mike. Job well done Ms. McKenna.

My loyal readers know that I write gritty, edgy, powerfully emotional stories about my beloved characters.  NEVER SURRENDER hits a new personal high for me.  Be warned:  you will need a box of tissue when you start this book.   It’s the best compliment a writer can receive from one of her readers:  that the book made her or him cry.
I would love to hear from you after you read this sequel.

Lindsay’s Secret Garden!  Stay tuned for an announcement on my evolving newsletter for my loyal readers!  Visit the front page of my website and there will be a place for you to sign up for it!  This newsletter will contain EXCLUSIVES only those signing up, will be able to receive!  More about this fabulous newsletter that will be available 7.14.2014 from my website.  Visit:


Lindsay McKenna










Lindsay McKenna, NYT Best Selling Author


Lindsay McKenna interview “Authors on the Air” 6.6.2014 8pm EDT Join me!

May 21, 2014

Hi Everyone
This radio show that I’ll be on has FOUR MILLION listeners in 44 COUNTRIES.  So, this is no little interview program.  I hope you can drop in and listen to Pam interview me on BREAKING POINT and NO SURRENDER.  This will take place June 6, 2014, 8 p.m., EDT.

FB authors on the air logo






There will be a podcast available.  You can download it, listen to it ad share it with others!
JOIN ME 6.6 for my interview on Authors on the Air with Pam Stack. 8 pm EDT.  Free book giveaways!
From her website:

Authors on the Air host Pam Stack is honored to welcome to the show, award-winning author Lindsay McKenna who recently took home 2 awards from RT/NOLA.  Lindsay is a pioneer in military romance and suspense and she has published over 115 books. She’s been a busy author… her books have been translated in 22 languages and have sold over 23 million copies. Lindsay served in the Navy and was a pilot and a volunteer firef ighter. Her newest releases are Breaking Point and Never Surrender.  Lindsay is anxious to hear from her friends and readers so call in to say hello at 347-633-9609 and she will give away 5 autographed copies of  Breaking Point. “My heritage comes from Eastern Cherokee blood, where stories were the backbone of our nation.  I love to tell stories because they can heal us, soothe us, entertain us, decelerate our stressful lives and allow our own imagination to take flight.  Without stories, we have no way to  dream and hope.  I write romance novels because I know, without a doubt, that love is greatest healing, positive and healthy emotion that we possess as human beings”.  To read more about this fascinating author, drop by her web page at

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