Walking the Land with Me Podcasts

Hi Everyone! I’m going to be posting my podcasts on a little known area of my life. Having Eastern Cherokee heritage through my father’s side of the family, I was raised in the ‘old ways’ growing up. One of them was connecting and working with the land. In the Native American way of reality, “all our relations,” has a huge and important concept to us. It’s more than a ‘saying.’

Eileen Nauman out walking the land

All of our relations is that we believe all living things are part of a much larger family. Man is not at the pinnacle. Man is merely one thread of the weaving of Life on Mother Earth. And our ‘relations,’ include winged ones, four-legged, the fish, reptiles, the rocks, the rivers, the land itself, bushes, flowers, trees and anything else you can think of. I was taught at a very young age…seven years old, to ‘talk’ with my relatives. They were my other sisters, brothers, cousins, nephews and nieces.

Of course, talking with them was done either verbally or via telepathy. As a 7 year old I didn’t say that was impossible, because it was possible. I could ‘hear’ the tree talking to me, or a pebble I picked up on a dirt road and held in my hand. This growing up for me was a wonderful time because I had lots of parental trees who told me if something was dangerous to me or not, or a stream that warned me not to go into it because it was too deep and the current too powerful for me.

The concept for Walking the Land, and a subsequent book I’ve written on it (and it will be published later this year), entails information on how other people who love Nature, love hiking, love the land or perhaps are rock hounds, would enjoy knowing how to Walk it themselves, because you can.

I started this podcast Walking the Land with 15 minute segments about my experiences and how you can walk the land yourself. I put a new podcast up every Thursday at 7:00 p.m. MST (I live in Arizona and we do NOT have daylight savings time, fyi), on some element of Walking the Land.

If you find this interesting, please start with podcast #1 and proceed in order because I’m building a larger picture and how you can interact with the land and “all our relations,” too.

Jaguar mountain, Santa Rita Mountains, southern Arizona

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PODCAST #1 what is Walking the Land? Part 1

PODCAST #2 What is Walking the Land? Part 2

PODCAST #3 Quartz crystal

PODCAST #4 Tools you’ll need to Walk the Land

PODCAST #5 How to use a pendulum, part 1

PODCAST #6 Grid Lines

PODCAST #7 1Mar2018 What is a vortex?

PODCAST #8 8Mar2018 What is an Androgynous Vortex?

PODCAST #9 How to Contact a Vortex Spirit Guardian or Guide

Fall in the Tetons, Wyoming

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