BLACK FRIDAY!!! And an EXCLUSIVE excerpt from SECRETS by Lindsay McKenna!!

Hi Dear Readers!

BLACK FRIDAY!!! And an EXCLUSIVE excerpt only for you on my next Delos series book, SECRETS, 2B2, is now available!

Find out what happens to Mark and Mattie!

Find out what happens to Mark and Mattie!

Novella, 2B2 is a sequel follow-up on “Unbound Pursuit”, 2B1, which was released on 9.29.16). This is Mark Reuss and Mattie Lockwood’s story.

If you read UNBOUND PURSUIT, you met Mark Reuss, who was a dark, secretive secondary character. He’s a man with a violent past and moves in and out of the lives of the people who love him.

Can love reveal the dark secrets he carries?


“Mattie couldn’t hold back any longer. She pushed her chair back and saw Mark’s questioning look as she quickly came around the table, placed her hands on his broad shoulders, and leaned down, pressing her mouth fully against his.

As she eased her lips along the seam of his, she felt his powerful reaction, his hands gripping her shoulders, holding her in place. With her eyes closed, she savored his opening mouth hungrily, just as starved as she was for him. Their breathing went from zero to sixty in a split second and she felt him trying to get a grip on himself, working through the shock that she was actually kissing him.

Tilting her head just a bit, she slid her lips across his, hearing him groan—a deep, rolling sound through his chest—and it spurred her on. This was the sound of a man being pleasured and who wanted more. Her fingers dug deeper into his shoulders, his leather vest providing a delightful, nubby texture beneath her fingertips. He smelled of pure male: the lime soap he’d used before coming over here, the scent of saddle leather, and a hint of alfalfa hay. His hands ranged from her shoulders all the way down her back, sending sparks of heat as he stoked an inferno to life within her lower body.

She smiled against his mouth as he settled his hands around her waist, pushing the chair back, not wanting to lose contact with her, then guiding her to sit down across his lap.

Oh! This was so wonderful! The last time Mattie had kissed Mark was when they were in high school. Back then, they had exchanged tentative, innocent, searching kisses, and Mattie had never forgotten them. Mark’s youthful desire had made her tremble with the need of something she had never felt, but wanted desperately to experience.

Now, she would—no more waiting for them! She lifted her hands to push her fingers lightly through his short, dark hair. Instantly, he growled with appreciation. Pushing him back into the chair, she wasn’t about to end their first kiss as adults. No way!

She was starving for the taste, the smell, the hard body that belonged to Mark. She wanted these to belong to her, starting now.
Mark obviously felt the same way about her as his arms wrapped around her body, crushing her against his chest. Instantly, her nipples hardened and his slightest movements made her cry out from the pleasure he brought her.

Now, she gloried as she felt his long fingers stroking her spine, caressing her, letting her know he loved what they were sharing. Her desire to feel all of him broke open a dam of need that had been building for so long, she was swept away, rocketing wildly out of control.

Briefly, she pulled away from his mouth, staring deep into his golden eyes, now burning with need for her. Her breath came in gasps, she slid her hands across his hair, trailing them down his corded neck and finally cupping his jaw.

“Mark, I need you. I need you so badly I hurt. Don’t tell me no. I want you to come home with me. I want to love you. I want you to love me.” Her voice, shaken and needy, dropped to a whisper. “Please? Will you?”

Mark Reuss’ childhood was a living hell. The only bright spot in his life during those dark days was his best friend, Mattie Lockwood. Her beauty and spirit called out to him, but he didn’t want to drag her down into the gloom his life had become. So when he graduated high school, he joined the Marine Corps and left his past—and Mattie—behind.

Or so he thought. Mark never forgot Mattie, or stopped wanting her. Now he’s back in town, ready to face his demons and make a life with her. But before he can set his plans in motion, Mark must suddenly disappear once again, but it means keeping secrets from Mattie. Will he once again have to let go of the woman he loves?


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AUDIO: Tantor Media
Available 11.22.2016


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