Secrets By Lindsay McKenna, EXCERPT #2!

Dear Readers
SECRETS is released 11.21.16!

You will meet Mark Reuss and Mattie Lockwood in UNBOUND PURSUIT, Delos Series, 2B1, on 9.29.16!! SECRETS is their continuing story with one another!

Find out what happens to Mark and Mattie!

Find out what happens to Mark and Mattie!

Can love release the dark secrets he carries?
Darkness surrounded him. Could love rescue him…

Mark Reuss’ childhood was a living hell. The only bright spot in his life during those dark days was his best friend, Mattie Lockwood. Her beauty and spirit called out to him, but he didn’t want to drag her down into the gloom his life had become. So when he graduated high school, he joined the Marine Corps and left his past—and Mattie—behind.

Or so he thought. Mark never forgot Mattie, or stopped wanting her. Now he’s back in town, ready to face his demons and make a life with her. But before he can set his plans in motion, Mark must suddenly disappear once again, but it means keeping secrets from Mattie. Will he once again have to let go of the woman he loves?


“One of his most precious memories was the day Mark had met Mattie in the first grade. She had bounced into Miss Harper’s first-grade class at the Van Horn Elementary School. She wore a pair of denim overalls, and a bright-pink tee that complemented her coverlet of freckles.

Her red hair, even then, had a mind of its own. The strands were trapped in a set of girlish pigtails and the ends were tied with pink, satin ribbons. Later, he would see her unhappily try to tame that wild hair of hers, but it was curly hair, so it did what it wanted.

Mark had sat in the back of the room, choosing a desk hidden in a shadow, trying to ignore the throbbing pain along his rear where his father had struck him with a belt earlier that morning.

Magically, just seeing Mattie skip into the small classroom, he forgot his misery and pain. She was like a blinding, beautiful beam of sunlight, transporting him to a different reality. Her smile, so friendly and genuine, made him feel good inside. His attention was always on her throughout their first-grade year, but Mark was too shy to say ‘hello’ or introduce himself. After all, he was only a shadow, not a whole person.

At quiet moments, which weren’t often, he would resurrect his tender image of Mattie as a child. Then, he would visualize her today and his heart would stir, wanting her, wanting to be close to her, wanting so many things that had never been initiated. But he told himself that they were just dreams—broken dreams turned to dust.”

Darkness surrounded him. Could love rescue him…


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