ROMANCE MODEL JASON BACA TV interview goes VIRAL and the result! COVER REVEAL, SECRETS by Lindsay McKenna

FB size 975K SECRETS by Lindsay McKenna

Jason Aaron Baca, one of my romance cover models I use on the covers of my Delos Series books, did a TV interview on him breaking Fabio’s record of how many covers he was on. Jason passed him and now took the crown. ABC TV affiliate, KBSW in Salinas, California, took his interview on 8.16. He’d emailed me to tell me that he’d mentioned SECRETS, the book cover that he was to pose for at the station.

Well! The darned thing exploded and went viral! KBSW didn’t air the five minute interview until 8.18. But when they did? The viewership overwhelmed the station with positive calls about Jason’s fascinating interview (never mind that Jason has a body that any woman would like). So, KBSW then sent the interview to ALL ABC TV affiliates, to CNN and to Hearst Media! with HOLD ON

And of course, Jason and I had no idea what would happen.
It didn’t take long to find out. Jason emailed me on 8.19, saying that at least 25 ABC or other media stations in Canada and the USA, had snapped up the TV interview and was playing it for their audiences!
And then, CNN picked it up!

Then, Jason emailed me and asked if I could get the cover to SECRETS to him this Monday, 8.22. Plus, he wanted the cover up at Amazon, as well.

That was asking a LOT.

I’d barely got to the photo I wanted to use for the cover! That meant throwing my editorial team into fast forward at Mach 3 with their hair on fire! Tammy Seidick ( would have to create a fabulous cover (and Jason had already sent her the photo), like “yesterday.” I asked if she could get it to me by Saturday, 8.20 and I knew that was asking a lot. Tammy is one of the most popular graphic artists in romance cover creations, so it wasn’t like she was sitting around eating a bon bon with nothing else to do!

Then, I had to get a hold of Tricia Speed, my friend who handles all the uploads and computer work for me. it wasn’t like she wasn’t busy either! Not only did she need to get up a pre-order on two platforms, but I had to have a bunch of info on front/back matter on SECRETS to her so she could start the process. Further, there was a Copyright that had to be gotten, and then 2 ISBN’s for the eBook. And once I got all that to her, she had to cobble it together.

This takes time. And never mind it was a Friday night and she’s tired from working 5 days a week (so was I), but to have this kind of “out of the blue” thing blow up on us, was unprecedented for me and for my intrepid editorial staff.

Tammy and Tricia were Olympic champions on Friday. Tammy got me the cover on Friday, not Saturday and it’s a great cover! Tricia got the copyright, the ISBN’s, SECRETS then uploaded to amazon.

But there was no way to pull this off without a lot of darn good people dropping everything to help me get all this to Jason in time. I felt like I was riding a rocket, and I’m sure Tammy and Tricia felt the same way ;-).


iBooks/ and to come later


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