HOLD ME by Lindsay McKenna on pre-order!!

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Hold Me cover

Novella, 5B1, Delos Series

Callie McKinley and Beau Gardner’s story – continued!!

SEQUEL to: HOLD ON, Book 5, Delos Series

138 pages


Hold Me
ISBN: 978-1-929977-36-9

ISBN: 978-1-929977-34-5

ISBN: 978-1-929977-35-2

Publishing Date: 8.11.16

Audio—Tantor Media


I wanted to follow Sergeant Beau Gardner and Callie McKinley after their harrowing escape from the Taliban in HOLD ON, book 5, Delos series, 8.3.16. The question I was asking myself was:

“What happens after you’ve had a life-and-death experience? How do you handle it? How does it affect you? The people who love you? What kind of adjustments are being demanded of you? Is help available or not to support your climb out of that dark place?”

And it was with these questions that I set about answering them in HOLD ME. It’s a journey for Callie and Beau. And they find themselves in different situations that cause a lot of stress because when you’ve gone through something and survived it? Life isn’t all peaches and cream. Life is twisted, filled with pot holes, mistakes are amplified. And so they must traverse this rocky landscape and their love is tested in ways neither thought possible.

And I wanted to put the SEQUEL to it a week later so that it was available (quickly) to the readers. Instead of waiting 6 months to a year for a sequel, here it is a week later! I hope readers let me know what they think of this and give me feedback. I’m going to try and put out the sequels to Delos books far more quickly (usually a week after, if possible). But you readers let me know. Okay? Thank you!

One of the great things about being Indie is that I can have follow-up novellas on the 50,000+ word books I write for the Delos Series. For so long I’ve wanted to do this, but the traditional publishing world just doesn’t have their eye on this kind of thing.

But my readers do! I get untold emails and letters asking if there is going to be a sequel to a book that my readers have read and enjoyed. And every time, I’ve had to turn them down.

But not any more! And what’s even more fun? I can plan more novellas other than the “sequel” after the big book. If the characters and their lives and plot, going forward, can mean more than one novella about them? I’ll be writing it.

Back Cover Copy for HOLD ME

This novella continues the story of Beau Gardner and Callie McKinley from Hold On, book 5 in the Delos Series.

Beau Gardner, Army Delta Force sergeant, has only a few months left before he can leave military life behind to marry Callie McKinley, the woman of his dreams.

Callie has been recovering from an attack at the hands of the Taliban at her parents’ Montana ranch, but she knows Beau must return to Afghanistan. But it is a dangerous place, and Beau soon finds himself in the line of fire.



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