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Dear Reader:
PW SecretDream by lindsay mckenna cover copy

Welcome to the Delos Series!  Secret Dream is the sequel to NOWHERE TO HIDE, Book 1 of the Delos series.
Secret Dream, 1B1
Sequel to NOWHERE TO HIDE, Book 1
Ebook/Mass Market Paperback
Delos Series
Pre-order available now
Publication date: 7.25.2016

This is Cav Jordan and Lia Cassidy’s continuing story and novella, SECRET DREAM! You met Lia in the the prequel novella LAST CHANCE, 0.5a, 7.13.2015. Their “big book”, a 100,000 words long, NOWHERE TO HIDE, is Book 1 of the Delos series. Now, their sequel, SECRET DREAM, is a 40,000 word novella.

Lia is deeply in love with Cav. All she wants is for her parents to meet and love him as much as she does. Cav, coming from a dysfunctional home, isn’t keen on the idea, not knowing what to expect. Because he loves Lia, wants her happy, he agrees to fly home to meet her farm parents from Ontario, Oregon. Cav gets a less than warm welcome from Lia’s mother, Susan. But her father, Steve, warmly embraces Cav, making him feel more than welcome. As the week stretches on, Cav seeks, in his ex-SEAL way, to ferret out what is really bothering Susan.

It’s clear to Cav that Susan dotes on her only daughter and is highly protective of Lia because of the attack upon her years earlier. He can’t blame the mother, but the tension in the household must be resolved and he’s going to try and defuse the unknown situation. Further, Lia very much wants to become pregnant. She comes from a large farm family, and yearns for a family of her own. It is her secret dream. Can Cav walk through an emotional mine field with Susan, find the source of her distrust of him? More than anything, Cav wants Lia to be happy and he’ll do anything to give her just that. He loves her so much, that he knows, somehow, his heart will find a way to make peace with Lia’s mother.

secretdreamback5_850 copy

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