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Memorial Day Remberances by Lindsay McKenna

May 30, 2016

I want to honor my father and mother on Memorial Day. My father, Jack Zimmerman, was a Pharmacists Mate 1st class in the US Navy. He was assigned to Hawaii, to Oahu, the hospital that sits next to Pearl Harbor. My mother worked in civil service at Ford Island, in Pearl Harbor, with the US Navy.
Both my parents were there when Pearl Harbor was hit by the Japanese, December 7, 1941. My father was on duty at the hospital that morning. My mother was asleep in their bed. A Japanese Zero went roaring down the road, strafing her neighborhood. She had a bullet pass just above the headboard of the bed where she was sleep.
Jack Zimmerman and ruth zimmerman my mother and he s my father  1940 2nd class pharmacist s mate usn en

That day, my parents helped all the heroes who were caught off guard by that horrific attack on battleship row, next to Ford Island. If it hadn’t of happened on a Sunday, my mother would have been on Ford Island, in one of the hangars, working as a secretary.

Jack Zimmerman and Ruth 251

I grew up with the story of Pearl Harbor from a very different perspective than most of the Great Generation and Baby Boomer Generation remember. I have the blood of the battle in my DNA. And I never forget what they did that day, the sights, the sounds, the nauseating smells, the diving Japanese fighters like hornets swarming over Pearl Harbor.

It’s no wonder I grew up and at age 18, went into the US Navy to follow in my father’s footsteps. My mother’s brother, Vinton Cramer, served in WW2, US Army, was a paratrooper and dropped in over France to do his duty.

Lindsay McKenna aka eileen nauman US Navy bootcamp photo copy
US Navy boot camp photo of me. I followed in my father’s footsteps and paid my service to my country, as he and so many other of our family, had done in past wars. My war was Vietnam. And it’s no wonder that later on? I became a writer and I created the first military romance, Captive of Fate, 1983, Silhouette Special Edition. I have gone on from that day to the present, writing about our heroic men and women in 185 books, since then. And will continue to do so until it’s my time to cross over. Our military is 1% of our nation. They give the other 99% their freedom. Let’s honor their sacrifices, as well as their family’s sacrifices on this one day of the year. Memorial Day is NOT a holiday. It was created as “Remembrance Day” to honor those who died serving their country.

Let us remember those of our family, both on our mother and father’s side, of the service they gave to our country to keep us all free on this one day out of the entire year.

My mother Ruth Zimmerman (left) and my father, Jack Zimmerman (right), USN.
and me, in the USN as an 18 year old, boot camp photo

SECRET DREAM by Lindsay McKenna — Character Letter from Lia Cassidy to you!

May 28, 2016

Letter from Lia Cassidy, heroine to all of you readers…
FB Secret Dream2 copy 2

Secret Dreams 1B1
Sequel to Nowhere to Hide by Lindsay McKenna
Delos Series
Pre-order: now
Pub. Date: 7.25.16
$3.99 for ebook version
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After I was attacked at knifepoint by two soldiers during my service in the Army, I was deeply scarred from the experience, both physically and emotionally. The left side of my face bore a scar that plastic surgeons could not erase, and I felt that no man would ever look at me again without turning away so he wouldn’t have to look at my hideous scar.

I left the military and I escaped from the world I knew and went to work for Delos charity in Costa Rica. I loved my job helping at their school, but once again, I found myself facing a dangerous situation. After two teachers who worked beside me were murdered by a local drug lord, I ran into the jungle, barely escaping with my life.

I quickly contacted Dilara and Robert Culver, the owners of Delos charities, and they sent a bodyguard to protect me after I refused to leave the school children. Of course I was scared, but I was even more frightened for the children. I felt I should stay and make sure our school was rebuilt. Those children loved going to school, and their parents were so grateful to the Delos school for providing an education for them. I couldn’t just walk away.

I had never expected to fall in love when Cav Jordan, an ex-SEAL came into my life. He was hired by the Culvers to protect me, and I figured he’d be like every other man—he’d see the unblemished side of my face and think I was attractive. But when I turned so he could see the long, thin scar from my cheekbone across my cheek, I knew what he would do. He’d look away and try to ignore it. But like other men, he’d probably see nothing but the scar whenever he looked at me.

But I was so wrong about Cav! He saw ME, not my scars! I couldn’t believe it. I’d had so many humiliating experiences because of them, I had given up hoping that one day a man would see past them and see me, my heart, my soul.

I fell in love with Cav because he accepted me immediately, and really wanted to know me, beneath the scars. It took some time because I didn’t make it easy, but he worked at gaining my trust, a little at a time. He was patient with me because he understood what the assault had done to me. It had taken a piece of my soul that would never return.

Cav did more than earn my trust. He brought me his heart and handed it to me. And in doing so, it allowed me to utterly trust him and give him my love in return. Best of all, after I returned to the States, we became engaged.

I so badly wanted my parents to meet this man I loved, and my father embraced him immediately. But my mother turned away from Cav. I don’t know why, but something happened between them. Cav has no idea, and neither do I, why she is resisting him so much. This is the man I love, and it pains me to see how hurt he is by her distrust and wariness.

Cav has never been anything but loving, kind and caring toward me. I don’t know what to do. My greatest wish is for us all to be a family, but if both my parents are not on board, Cav and I will live beneath a shadow that won’t go away. What on earth can I do to help resolve this unexpected setback?

Secret Dream, 1B1
Sequel to NOWHERE TO HIDE, Book 1
Ebook/Mass Market Paperback
Delos Series
Pre-order available now
Publication date: 7.25.2016

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READ Lia’s story in NOWHERE TO HIDE, Book 1, Delos Series

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HOLD ME by Lindsay McKenna on pre-order!!

May 25, 2016

Hi Readers!

Hold Me cover

Novella, 5B1, Delos Series

Callie McKinley and Beau Gardner’s story – continued!!

SEQUEL to: HOLD ON, Book 5, Delos Series

138 pages


Hold Me
ISBN: 978-1-929977-36-9

ISBN: 978-1-929977-34-5

ISBN: 978-1-929977-35-2

Publishing Date: 8.11.16

Audio—Tantor Media


I wanted to follow Sergeant Beau Gardner and Callie McKinley after their harrowing escape from the Taliban in HOLD ON, book 5, Delos series, 8.3.16. The question I was asking myself was:

“What happens after you’ve had a life-and-death experience? How do you handle it? How does it affect you? The people who love you? What kind of adjustments are being demanded of you? Is help available or not to support your climb out of that dark place?”

And it was with these questions that I set about answering them in HOLD ME. It’s a journey for Callie and Beau. And they find themselves in different situations that cause a lot of stress because when you’ve gone through something and survived it? Life isn’t all peaches and cream. Life is twisted, filled with pot holes, mistakes are amplified. And so they must traverse this rocky landscape and their love is tested in ways neither thought possible.

And I wanted to put the SEQUEL to it a week later so that it was available (quickly) to the readers. Instead of waiting 6 months to a year for a sequel, here it is a week later! I hope readers let me know what they think of this and give me feedback. I’m going to try and put out the sequels to Delos books far more quickly (usually a week after, if possible). But you readers let me know. Okay? Thank you!

One of the great things about being Indie is that I can have follow-up novellas on the 50,000+ word books I write for the Delos Series. For so long I’ve wanted to do this, but the traditional publishing world just doesn’t have their eye on this kind of thing.

But my readers do! I get untold emails and letters asking if there is going to be a sequel to a book that my readers have read and enjoyed. And every time, I’ve had to turn them down.

But not any more! And what’s even more fun? I can plan more novellas other than the “sequel” after the big book. If the characters and their lives and plot, going forward, can mean more than one novella about them? I’ll be writing it.

Back Cover Copy for HOLD ME

This novella continues the story of Beau Gardner and Callie McKinley from Hold On, book 5 in the Delos Series.

Beau Gardner, Army Delta Force sergeant, has only a few months left before he can leave military life behind to marry Callie McKinley, the woman of his dreams.

Callie has been recovering from an attack at the hands of the Taliban at her parents’ Montana ranch, but she knows Beau must return to Afghanistan. But it is a dangerous place, and Beau soon finds himself in the line of fire.


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HOLD ON by Lindsay McKenna available on pre-order!

May 24, 2016

Hi Readers!!!
Romantic suspense that will have you gripping your chair! Delos series.

HOLD ON by Lindsay McKenna
Book 5, Delos Series
Callie McKinley and Beau Gardner’s story
SEQUEL to: FORGED IN FIRE, Book 3, Delos Series
Publishing Date: 8.3.16
290 pages
Pre-order: available now!
$4.99 (ebook)
Audio—Tantor Media

HOLD ON by Lindsay McKenna

When I began to write Forged in Fire, book 3 of the Delos series it was to introduce Matt Culver, one of the three Culver children who would eventually take over and run Artemis Security. It would be a Delos charity secret, in-house firm created to lend security to the 1,800 charities they had around the world.

The more I got into Forged in Fire, Beau Gardner, a West Virginia hill boy, who was a sergeant in Delta Force and in Matt’s unit at Bagram, just kind of took a more important part in the over all plot.

As always, I have a plot, but when I sit down in the morning to start another chapter, I may have a vague idea of what’s going to happen, but not “exactly” what will emerge in the plot.

Beau Gardner was that kind of secondary hero, in the background, but he emerged later in the book to take on a far more important part in it. And by the end of Matt’s book, I knew I had to write Beau’s book, and his story of escape with Callie McKinley, Dara’s sister.

Their story was no less intense, cliff-hanging, filled with danger and with life-and-death situations than Matt and Dara’s escape from the Taliban in Afghanistan was. But it was a different story and unique to the characters themselves. When Dara and Callie go to an Afghan village to render medical aid, Matt Culver and Beau Gardner go along as their security escort. Little do they know that the Taliban is going to attack them before they can get there.

In a hail of bullets, Matt and Beau get the women out of the vehicle and run. But they run different directions, Matt and Dara to the mountains, and Beau with Callie, to the plains and river. They split up, hoping to split the Taliban force so they have a better chance of surviving this assault. Forged in Fire is how Matt and Dara survived. Hold On is how Beau and Callie survived. Two stories with two very different twists, turns, surprises and challenges.

You see, Callie and Dara McKinley were sisters from Butte, Montana. Raised on the Eagle Feather Ranch where they grew up being independent, hard working young women. Dara went on to become a pediatric physician. Callie went on to work with Hope Charity, usually spending six months out of every year in Kabul, Afghanistan. There, she worked with Maggie, the American owner, caring for fifty Afghan orphaned boys and girls.

Callie loved her service work, loved children and defied the danger that was all around them when she worked overseas to help orphaned children.

In HOLD ON, you will get to see Callie and Beau (who play a nice part in Forged in Fire), in a different and direct light. Because it is their story. I loved creating this title because that’s exactly what it was….you were, as a reader holding on for dear life, wondering what could happen next.

If you have not read Forged in Fire? I’d suggest you do it first because it will give the nuances even more importance in HOLD ON. They are a two-book sequel and while they can be read individually, as stand-alone books? You will see things from a different perspective if you’ve read Forged in Fire first.

I hope you enjoy the sequel, HOLD ON! My model I chose for it was Jason Aaron Baca. He had the look of Beau Gardner: that intense warrior that he could become when things turned violent and dangerous.

The background for the book cover? The thunderstorm? That is a photo I took of a monsoon thunderstorm coming our way where we live in the Verde Valley of Arizona in 2006. Really cool to meld these elements together! There’s more tidbits coming about this book. So, HOLD ON ;-)!!!!

Back Cover Copy

Callie McKinley has been burned by love before, and has learned to carefully guard her heart. Especially from smooth-talking alpha males like Sgt. Beau Gardner. Callie is wary of the Army Delta Force operator, but she is soon taken in by his slow West Virginia drawl, his honesty and his surprising gentleness. Could Beau be worth risking her bruised heart for?

Being black ops, Beau Gardner isn’t afraid of a challenge. And beautiful Callie McKinley is a big one. He has wanted the beautiful redhead in his bed since he first saw her belly dancing at the annual holiday show at Bagram. But once he begins to break through Callie’s defenses and get to know the woman inside, he realizes he wants more than her body. He wants her heart.

To get closer to Callie, Beau volunteers to provide security for her and her sister while they work at a local orphanage. But when a routine visit to a Afghan village results in a Taliban ambush, Callie and Beau find themselves on the run. And it will take every bit of training Beau possesses to keep them alive. Can he get Callie to safety so that they can explore their growing love or not?


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SECRET DREAM by Lindsay McKenna available now on pre-order!

May 23, 2016

Dear Reader:
PW SecretDream by lindsay mckenna cover copy

Welcome to the Delos Series!  Secret Dream is the sequel to NOWHERE TO HIDE, Book 1 of the Delos series.
Secret Dream, 1B1
Sequel to NOWHERE TO HIDE, Book 1
Ebook/Mass Market Paperback
Delos Series
Pre-order available now
Publication date: 7.25.2016

This is Cav Jordan and Lia Cassidy’s continuing story and novella, SECRET DREAM! You met Lia in the the prequel novella LAST CHANCE, 0.5a, 7.13.2015. Their “big book”, a 100,000 words long, NOWHERE TO HIDE, is Book 1 of the Delos series. Now, their sequel, SECRET DREAM, is a 40,000 word novella.

Lia is deeply in love with Cav. All she wants is for her parents to meet and love him as much as she does. Cav, coming from a dysfunctional home, isn’t keen on the idea, not knowing what to expect. Because he loves Lia, wants her happy, he agrees to fly home to meet her farm parents from Ontario, Oregon. Cav gets a less than warm welcome from Lia’s mother, Susan. But her father, Steve, warmly embraces Cav, making him feel more than welcome. As the week stretches on, Cav seeks, in his ex-SEAL way, to ferret out what is really bothering Susan.

It’s clear to Cav that Susan dotes on her only daughter and is highly protective of Lia because of the attack upon her years earlier. He can’t blame the mother, but the tension in the household must be resolved and he’s going to try and defuse the unknown situation. Further, Lia very much wants to become pregnant. She comes from a large farm family, and yearns for a family of her own. It is her secret dream. Can Cav walk through an emotional mine field with Susan, find the source of her distrust of him? More than anything, Cav wants Lia to be happy and he’ll do anything to give her just that. He loves her so much, that he knows, somehow, his heart will find a way to make peace with Lia’s mother.

secretdreamback5_850 copy

LAST CHANCE is available on four major ebook platforms (not Google). 

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May 12, 2016

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COVER REVEAL! Wind River Wrangler by Lindsay McKenna

May 10, 2016

Hi Readers!

wind-river-wrangler-(300x250) copy

WIND RIVER WRANGLER, the first book in my new series, comes out on October 25th, but those of you who preorder it in advance will get a special treat from me! After you preorder, go to this site and register to receive an exclusive bonus scene, photos of Wind River Valley and a message from Shiloh and Roan. It’ll all be automatically sent to you on Oct. 24th!

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