EXCERPT from: Blind Sided by Lindsay McKenna COWBOY JUSTICE 12-pack!

EXCERPT from Blind Sided by Lindsay McKenna
Delos Series novella
COWBOY JUSTICE 12-pack, 4.5.16
FB size BLIND SIDED by Lindsay McKenna

Outdoors, she heard the sudden pounding of small hailstones on the roof as she continued to clean up the huge day care facility. The last thing she’d do after sweeping and mopping, would be to arrange the desks for tomorrow morning. Everything had to be clean and ready to go for the nine a.m. arrival of the children on Saturday morning. She saw a flash of lightning so close that she winced, closing her eyes.

Suddenly, a man’s hand wrapped around Kara’s mouth, yanking her backwards off her feet. Her arms flailed and pain raced across her jaw where he gripped her. Kara tried to scream, but the man slid his other thick, hairy arm around her waist, pinning her against him.

“Shut up, bitch!” he snarled into her ear. His breath smelled of onions, making Kara want to gag. She struggled, kicking out, her arms trapped beneath the man’s powerfully muscled arm. He began jerking her side to side, and she felt as if he were trying to rip her head off her shoulders. Her mind reeled as he continued to drag her backwards, keeping her off balance. She heard him curse at her in Spanish.

“I’ll kill you. Now, stand still!” He pinched her nose shut with his thumb and forefinger, his hand still across her mouth, effectively shutting off her ability to breathe.

Gurgling in terror, her throat aching with a silent scream, her vision began to dim, and she fought harder, knowing she was going to die.

Oh, God! No! No!

Black dots began to dance before her eyes and she began to pass out. Desperately, Kara lifted the heel of her boot, slamming it with all her might into the man’s foot. He howled with pain, letting her go.

Free! She was free! Barely conscious, Kara fell to her knees, then scrambled to get away on all fours. She heard him cursing. Outdoors, another thunderclap shook the air.

Escape! I have to escape!

Air exploded from her mouth as she wobbled to her feet, weaving, her balance off as she turned toward her attacker. And then, she got her first look at him. He was a stranger. His brown eyes were dark with fury, his black hair was short and close-cropped, and he was barely taller than she. He appeared to be in his late twenties to her. He had black tattoos around his thick, bull-like neck and down both his powerful arms. A gold ring was hanging from his left earlobe. He wore a sleeveless white t-shirt, showing off the bulky muscling, scaring her even more. There was no doubt this man lifted very heavy weights at a gym. His jeans were well worn and his combat boots, scuffed. He looked like a soldier to her. She saw a knife in a sheath against his left calf and the pistol he wore in a drop holster around his right thigh. The only thing missing was a set of dog tags around his neck. Instead, he wore a thick gold chain.

Shrieking, Kara tried to dodge his hand as his fist closed, his arm drawn back to strike her. Her mind wasn’t working right, deprived of oxygen, sodden with adrenaline. All she knew was that he was trying to kill her.

Why? Why is this horrible man trying to hurt me?

The moment his fist connected with the left side of her face, Kara heard a snapping sound, as if a huge branch of a tree had been broken inside her head, and everything went black. The last thing she remembered was sailing through the air, her arms wind-milling. And then, nothing.


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