FORGED IN FIRE by Lindsay McKenna, Delos Series, Book 3 now available!

Happy Holidays, everyone!
Those who love my new Delos Series, Book 3, Forged in Fire, is now available in paperback and ebook! Did you know you can read a FREE chapter of it? Down below is the URL!

Cover forged in fire
Here’s an EXCERPT from Delta Force Sergeant Matt Culver’s book!

Excerpt from Forged in Fire by Lindsay McKenna
Delos Series, Book 3

3 dara bellydancing copy

“Matt seriously doubted that. In past USO shows, some women had sung, performed in a string quartet playing classical music no one recognized, or done a dancing act. While he had an appreciation of the arts in general, it just wasn’t something that got his blood pumping. His head fell forward, chin almost on his chest, and his mind started to drift off into the zone just before sleep.
“Dara and Callie are belly dancers!” Maggie crowed.
The entire chow hall erupted into loud hooyahs, clapping and wolf-whistling.
Matt jerked awake. He scowled, rubbing his face. What? Belly dancing! No way. He stared irritably at a smiling Maggie in her fall-colored outfit.
“Hey,” Beau said, jabbing him in the ribs, “did you hear that? Belly dancers! God, I’ve died and gone to heaven!”
“In your dreams,” Matt muttered irritably.
“Seriously, bro. You were half-asleep a minute ago. Now look at you,” Beau howled, slapping Matt good-naturedly on the back.
“. . . and the sisters will be performing Turkish belly dancing,” Maggie was explaining. “It’s different from Egyptian or other types of belly dancing.”
Turkish belly dancing? Now, that got Matt’s full attention. He’d spent his summers until age eighteen is Kuşadası, Turkey, where his three wealthy uncles had villas. He was very familiar with belly dancing because it was beloved throughout the country, and he’d seen professional dancers perform many times over the years.
Straightening up, his arms fell to his sides. Seriously? These two women were going to perform as belly dancers? Matt could feel the electricity in the chow hall amp up. It felt like a fifty-thousand-watt bolt of lightning had just slammed into the place. The men were focused, all eyes on that hastily created platform where the acts would perform. The anticipation ratcheted up, the tension palpable.
Matt felt as if a pack of wolves were waiting for those two sweet lambs to come out onstage. God, this place was going to explode, he thought, looking around.
“. . . Now, please welcome the McKinley sisters! Dara is in the red costume and Callie in the purple one,” Maggie shouted, moving offstage, gesturing toward the other end.
Matt’s eyes narrowed as he saw two women come running like sleek, beautiful gazelles from behind the chow-hall-line wall. His heart thudded hard in his chest as the taller one, her blond hair long and halfway down her back, barefoot and wearing a red and gold belly-dancing costume, came out first.
Holy shit! She was gorgeous! His mind went from getting sleep to an intense focus on the woman’s tall, lithe body. Her arms were long and sinuous, her slender hands clapping zills—small finger cymbals—her movements slow and graceful.”




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10 bedroom scene kiss matt and dara copy

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