EARLY Lindsay McKenna books out in Ebook Format 4.15.2014!

Harlequin continues to bring out my earliest 30 books I’d written in the 1980’s back into ebook format.  If you have them already, that’s terrific.  But if you have an Ereader and don’t have them, here’s your chance to get them on 4.15.2014.

The books coming out in April  15, 2014 are:
My Only One

My Only One by Lindsay McKenna










Point of Departure

Point of Departure by Lindsay McKenna








Texas Wildcat

Texas Wildcat by Lindsay McKenna









Too Near the Fire

Too Near the Fire by Lindsay McKenna









Touch the Heavens

Touch the Heavens by Lindsay McKenna









Wilderness Passion

Wilderness Passion by Lindsay McKenna








Even if you have these books, go to my website. Not only are the back cover copy there, but “author comments” by me as well….to learn why I wrote them in the first place….so enjoy
EBOOK releases by Lindsay McKenna 4.15.2014. Check them out!


These books are available at ALL websites on the internet that sell ebooks including harlequin.com, amazon.com, bn.com, kobo.com and many more.  Enjoy!!





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