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BREAKING POINT by Lindsay McKenna is out 4.29.2014! Shadow Warriors series

April 7, 2014

BREAKING POINT by Lindsay McKenna

BREAKING POINT final cover








Shadow Warriors series
Released: 4.29.2014
Book 1 of 2. Sequel is NEVER SURRENDER, HQN, 7.2014
Ebook and paperback

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Book Video Trailer:

Petty Officer 1 Gabe Griffin, US Navy SEALs








US Navy SEAL, Petty Officer 1st class, Gabe Griffin

An Excerpt From…

Bay Thorn 18 delta corpsman from video by tricia speed







US Navy 18 Delta Combat Medic, Bay Thorn


Navy Hospital Corpsman Bay Thorn is a part of the super secret Shadow Warriors Operation. Flying out of Iraq and finally reaching her destination at FOB Bravo, thirty miles from the Afghan-Pakistan border, Bay doesn’t know what to expect of the SEAL team she’s been ordered to integrate into.

Can you imagine being a woman and being ordered to work/fight in a US Navy SEAL team?  And you are the outsider?  You are not trained to be a SEAL.  And can you imagine how the men of that platoon are going to take a WOMAN coming into their team?


bay thorn in combat gear breaking point by lindsay mckeanna







Bay Thorn, US Navy 18 Delta Corpsman attached to Alpha Platoon, US Navy SEALs, Forward Operating Base Bravo, Afghanistan

Bay knows she’s got her work cut out for her.  And only one SEAL in the platoon is willing to give her a chance to prove she’s got what it takes.  Petty Officer First Class Gabe Griffin is a man who sees beneath the mask most people wear.  And as the chief introduces Bay to the platoon, he senses her unease, her worry, about not being accepted.

Only, what Gabe doesn’t expect is to fall in love with Bay over time.  Her goodness, her helping others, opens his own heart to her.  Bay hasn’t come into the team looking for love.  But it happens.  And what to do about it?  Gabe knows to show how he feels toward Bay will tear his team up and create possible loss of life among them.  Bay is more than aware of her feelings for Gabe but is smart enough to realize she can’t show, speak or even hint that she’s falling in love with this quiet, intense, attractive SEAL.

Her whole focus is on getting the rest of the team to accept and trust her out in the field of combat.  There is no place for love in Bay’s life.  And it takes both of them to the breaking point of loving one another and never being able to speak or show or give it voice.  To do so, can not only put them at risk, but also the men of their team.  And neither is willing to do that.  Until events outside their control intervene, leaving them and their survivors in the jaws of the Taliban who want to kill all of them.

I hope you enjoy this gritty, edgy, fresh story that hopefully will have you on the edge of your seat throughout it.  Do let me know?
Breaking point shot in video with book








EARLY Lindsay McKenna books out in Ebook Format 4.15.2014!

April 6, 2014

Harlequin continues to bring out my earliest 30 books I’d written in the 1980’s back into ebook format.  If you have them already, that’s terrific.  But if you have an Ereader and don’t have them, here’s your chance to get them on 4.15.2014.

The books coming out in April  15, 2014 are:
My Only One

My Only One by Lindsay McKenna










Point of Departure

Point of Departure by Lindsay McKenna








Texas Wildcat

Texas Wildcat by Lindsay McKenna









Too Near the Fire

Too Near the Fire by Lindsay McKenna









Touch the Heavens

Touch the Heavens by Lindsay McKenna









Wilderness Passion

Wilderness Passion by Lindsay McKenna








Even if you have these books, go to my website. Not only are the back cover copy there, but “author comments” by me as well….to learn why I wrote them in the first place….so enjoy
EBOOK releases by Lindsay McKenna 4.15.2014. Check them out!

These books are available at ALL websites on the internet that sell ebooks including,,, and many more.  Enjoy!!