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BEYOND VALOR by Lindsay McKenna 2.1.2013

February 2, 2013

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BEYOND VALOR by Lindsay McKenna

Harlequin Romantic Suspense
Lindsay McKenna
Pages 282
Black Jaguar Squadron series
February, 2013

I’m excited about BEYOND VALOR for many reasons. As the creator of the sub-genre of military romance back in 1983, I’ve stayed true to my own roots. I served my country in the US Navy and I portray the men and women of our services in a positive light. They deserve our respect and admiration. Their sacrifices are little known, but deserve to be shown. They fight and sometimes, give their lives for the freedom we enjoy in the USA. I will continue to write about them because I was one myself, and my experience and knowledge of the military is more than skin deep.

For my readers who love reading my military romantic suspense, you will meet US Navy corpsman Luke Collier. He’s embedded with a Marine Corps company that has just been deployed to Afghanistan and to the village of Lar Sholtan, not far from the Afghan-Pakistan border. As a combat corpsman, he’s seen his share of just that. What he’s not expecting is to have a WOMAN Navy corpsman assigned to him in the Marine company. Megan Trayhern, daughter of Noah and Kit Trayhern, could have gone to the US Naval Academy and become an officer. For those readers who have been following Morgan’s Mercenaries throughout the years, I am now writing about the children, which is exciting for me. All children of the Trayhern military dynasty are expected to serve their country. Even her uncle, Morgan Trayhern, who runs a black ops company, would support her decision to become an officer. But Megan is the wayward child marching to her own drummer. Her twin, Addison, goes into the Naval academy, but Megan does not. Megan instead, goes to a university and gets a four-year college degree to become a registered nurse, instead.

Megan loves to help others and ease their pain and suffering. The red haired Navy corpsman is chosen to take part in a black ops known as the Black Jaguar Squadron. Only, she’s taking part in a new offshoot of the original black ops that includes women going into ground combat. This time, women volunteering for his highly secret black ops, will be tested to see if they can handle combat situations or not. The op, known as the Shadow Warriors, has gathered a volunteer group of women from all USA military services, who are being embedded in combat situations all across the world. She gets assigned to the Marine Corps company just settling in to Lar Sholtan.

Megan knows she’s the only female in a one-hundred and forty man Marine company. Knows the Marines will question whether she, as a woman, can do the job on the shifting front lines of combat along side them. She’s assigned to be trained and work under Luke Collier, who has been in Afghanistan on three different deployments. What Megan doesn’t expect is to be drawn to the twenty-eight year old Navy corpsman. Neither does Luke, and it only complicates their relationship with one another. Fraternization between two people is strictly forbidden in the military. Megan’s duties are to work in the Afghan village and gather intel from the women she cares for, and pass it back to the captain in charge of the Marine company. Megan has been trained for one year in the hills of Camp Pendleton, and knows how to handle a pistol, fire a rifle and do all the things any man would be trained up for to deal with combat situations.

Luke Collier knows his duty. As a Marine corps combat medic, his job is to save lives — not satisfy his own desires. Megan Trayhern is his corpsman but the beautiful redhead can’t be anything more. Luke has already given his heart once, and he understands the toll the deployments can take on a woman, on a romance…on a marriage.

Megan has her own mission. While she doles out medical care in the nearby village, she’s also gathering intel. It’s a dangerous assignment that the onetime military brat undertakes without fear. She needs to focus — and be careful — and the growing passion she feels for Luke can only put them both at risk. Honor binds them both, but the heart gives its own orders…

I truly hope you enjoy their journey with one another.

On another front, as hinted above, this is the last Black Jaguar Series book. And in it’s place, BEYOND VALOR becomes a “bridge” book to the Operation: Shadow Warriors Series. And the new series will be crossing between HRS, Harlequin Romantic Suspense and HQN, mainstream romance books. So you will be getting series and mainstream stories about this unique effort to show that women survive in combat, but can be as good as any man, when the combat challenges arise.

In HQN, THE LONER, July, 2013, (Wyoming Series) is about ex-SEAL, Dakota Carson, who lives outside of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, just trying to survive his PTSD he’s gotten because of ten years as a black ops warrior. Sheriff’s deputy Shelby Kincaid has a run-in with him that sharply changes the trajectory of both their lives. This is a ‘bridge’ book to Shadow Warriors because I’m going to be writing about US Navy SEALs for the coming novels in this military series. At the end of this book, you will meet Captain Jake Ramsey, US Navy SEAL. His story will launch in December, 2013 (DOWN RANGE). In future Wyoming Series books with HQN, the hero or heroine will be a returning military vet, coming home from war and trying to re establish their lives in cowboy and ranching country. Stay tuned for their stories, too.

In September 2013, the foundation book for Shadow Warriors, will be released. DANGER CLOSE, HQN, is going to be a FREE E-BOOK given away by Harlequin to celebrate this new, vibrant series. So stay tuned for more information via my website, as this offering grows closer: Originally, this book was first released as Valkyrie in 1999. In 2000, RT Reviews gave it E-book of the year award. This is a book whose characters I’ve loved since they came to me. I’ve done a great deal of rewrite on the novel. And it’s exciting to have Cathy Fremont and Jim Boland back into my life and yours. They are an exciting couple, their love for one another intense and their relationship tested in ways most will never have to endure. It is their daughter, Captain Morgan Boland, whose book, DOWN RANGE, HQN, December 2013, becomes a Shadow Warriors book 2. She is the daughter of two military parents and is on the cutting edge in this super secret black ops test that will challenge her limits as a Marine in combat who must pair up with a US Navy SEAL. Captain Jake Ramsey, Marine and Navy SEAL, wants nothing to do with Morgan. They have a personal history with one another and the farther away they can stay from one another, the better off they like it. But when they get Pentagon orders to work together in Afghanistan to take down a high value target, all bets are off. They have their own war with one another. Never mind the war going on around them. This book has been optioned by a well known Hollywood screen writer and she’s currently creating a movie script based upon it. More on this aspect of the book as it happens. You’ll be the first to know!

The Shadow Warriors series is going to be kick ass action, hot, intense romance and this series will throw challenges at the US Navy SEALs who must work with these courageous women warriors in life-and-death combat situations. The challenges, danger and high stakes for them personally and professionally, are going to be a nonstop thrill ride for my readers. You’re going to be hanging on with your fingernails throughout 2013 onward, as the SEAL stories roll out to be read and savored by you! I’m VERY excited about this new series. It has been in the planning stages for seven years, and now, they are here. I’ve love writing them and I hope you will enjoy reading them. Do let me know.

On another front, I’ve teamed up with retired Air Force Colonel, Merline Lovelace, a favorite author of mine because she writes kick ass romantic military suspense like me. We’ve created WARRIOR BREED. Merline and I are writing fabulous novellas based stories about the men who are in black ops across the military branches of the USA. Harlequin Romantic Suspense is going to release one book a year in this ongoing series that begins in 2013. In each book, there will be a 35,000 word novella written by each of us. If you like danger, challenge, hot sex and excitement, be ready to purchase the first book November, 2013, HRS. Do let Merline and I know what you think of stories! We’ve been contracted to write one book a year on these brave, heroic men who are SEALs, Delta Force, Marine Force Recon and Air Force PJ’s and air controllers. We think you’ll find these novellas page turners in the best of traditions. When you have two military vets like Merline and myself, who were IN the service and are more than just a little familiar with the underpinnings of how the military works, these stories are going to grab you and not let you go. Guaranteed.

As you can see, there’s lots coming from Lindsay McKenna from 2013 onward! I was in the US Navy and was a meteorologist (AG3). I wanted to develop the Shadow Warriors as a tribute to the US Navy SEALs, brave men who lay their lives on the line every day for all of us. And who better to write about them than someone who served in the Navy, just as they did? There’s something to say about having been in the military and being able to go deeper into the organization, mindset and psychology of how it operates. I think my readers will agree once you have read some of my coming SEAL book. You’ll see a difference. Start with THE LONER, HQN, July 2013, and decide for yourself. Let me know what you think. I always love hearing from my readers because you have steered me in the directions that I write. You’ve been begging me for years to write about SEALs, and now, your wish is fulfilled.

To recap 2013, here are all the books I’ve written. Have fun reading them and give me feedback. I value your thoughts. Happy New Year!


BEYOND VALOR, HRS, Military romantic suspense. Black Jaguar Squadron series. February 2013. A Morgan’s Mercenaries sage-series book.

THE LONER, HQN, The Wyoming Series. Book # 7, Ex-Navy SEAL novel. July, 2013. Bridge book to the Shadow Warriors series.

DANGER CLOSE, HQN, free e-book, Shadow Warriors Series book 1, Captain Jim Boland and Corporal Cathy Fremont. Sequel 1 of 2 (DOWN RANGE, HQN, December 2013. is Sequel 2 and is Captain Morgan Boland’s story). Military romantic suspense. US Navy SEAL book. September, 2013.

UNTITLED, HQN, The Wyoming Series. Book # 8, Ex-Navy SEAL novel. September, 2013.

WARRIOR BREED NOVELLA, Harlequin Romantic Suspense, with 2 novella’s. One by Lindsay McKenna and one by Merline Lovelace. Book 1 about The Sidewinders. Tales of six Rush Spring, Texas football players who join different military branches and who are in black ops. Military romantic suspense. November 2013.

DOWN RANGE, HQN, Shadow Warriors series book 2. US Navy SEAL book,. December, 2013. Military romantic suspense. December, 2013.